AEC Firms Can Use Technology to Create Proposals That Win More Business

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Business development teams rely on the ability to quickly pull together the firm's and team members' relevant experience and qualifications when responding to RFPs. Showcasing expertise often becomes the deciding factor in winning more proposals.

However, tracking the firm's projects, work performed and for whom, as well as the team members involved in the project and their qualifications, can be time-consuming. For too many firms, this information is kept in separate files saved in hard-to-find folders, all tracked in multiple spreadsheets spread across the company. This leads to time-consuming searches, errors due to out-of-date files, and, ultimately, missed opportunities.

HSO's aec360 uses Microsoft Dynamics 365's advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to help AEC firms find the right projects, staff resumes, and qualifications to create successful proposals. Use intuitive search tools to find the relevant information your business development team needs to respond rapidly with up-to-date, accurate information targeted to each RFP request. Find similar past projects based on related industries, project size, and similar clients.

Filter on industry, project size, and more to include similar past projects in proposals

Success is a team effort

Marketing and business development teams need help when developing proposals, relying on input from accounting, project management, HR, and executive management. When time is of the essence, any delay can mean missed deadlines and lost business.

aec360 reduces the manual effort involved with going to each department to search for pertinent information. aec360 integrates with business applications across the organization, from finance to HR, letting proposal writers easily search for the information they need to assemble the proposal. All the necessary data is stored in and accessed from within aec360.

View a list of projects with filters

Saving time with templates and automation

Marketing teams can work more efficiently by leveraging aec360's automation features to filter on past projects, staff resumes, time frames, and more, to create proposals highlighting relevant projects and experience. aec360 makes it easy for staff to keep resumes and project data accurate and current using a self-service portal. Security features and approval processes included in aec360 ensure updates will not compromise the database's integrity. Marketing and business development can automate extracting required data for their responses. In addition, users can apply templates to create proposals in various presentation styles and formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Adobe InDesign, and even SF330!

View past project dates and financial data

How aec360 can help your firm stay ahead

When it comes to RFPs, aec360 helps you put together your strongest response in the shortest amount of time.

  • Access the data you need in one place. aec360 stores all your firm's project and experience data in a central location, making it easy to automatically filter the relevant experience to produce targeted proposals that increase HIT rates.
  • Help your team work more efficiently. aec360 reduces the need to find updated information from SMEs and project managers. By reducing the time asking for this information, your marketing team can spend more time prospecting and preparing RFP responses.
  • Use a tool designed specifically for AEC firms. aec360 is customizable to meet the unique needs of AEC firms, optimizing usability, security, and accessibility across devices. Its familiar Microsoft user interfaces ensure faster user adoption.

aec360 utilizes the capabilities of Dynamics 365 to offer AEC firms a comprehensive solution to manage their experience and qualifications for successful business development. aec360 helps AEC firms track project experience, automate proposal document creation, and ensure data integrity to enhance competitiveness and streamline processes.

Want to learn more?

Check out HSO's aec360, a fully integrated marketing, business development, experience management, and relationship intelligence suite, purpose-built for AEC firms.

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