3 Key Pillars for Driving User Adoption and Success with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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3 Key CRM implementation

Organizations face difficulties in adopting CRM due to the substantial changes it introduces. According to statistics, nearly 70% of CRM implementation projects end in failure.

However, as the famous saying by Henry Ford goes, "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

Moreover, the advantages of a successful implementation significantly surpass the potential drawbacks of failure. From fostering enduring connections with existing clients and potential leads to centralizing client data on a unified platform, it is undeniable that CRM elevates business operations. Recognized as one of the rapidly expanding software solutions in digital marketing, its projected market value by the year 2028 is $146 billion.

Armed with these compelling figures, organizations enthusiastically embrace CRM implementation, diving headfirst into the CRM community. Successfully integrating and configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, a prominent CRM platform, marks an initial achievement.

However, this is only the beginning. The key challenge now lies in guaranteeing the success of your CRM implementation, ensuring it doesn't face a fate similar to previous unsuccessful endeavours.

That’s what we are going to explore in this detailed blog post. We will touch base:

The Significance of High CRM Adoption Rates

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software serves as a valuable tool for generating sales revenue, it is essential to recognize that it is not a magical solution for closing deals. The true driving force behind increased revenue is the employees, particularly the sales team, who engage with prospects, clients, and partners. The efficacy of CRM is realized through high-performing sales teams, making CRM training a crucial step to boost overall CRM adoption rates within an organization.

A substantial 90% of companies have reported that improved CRM adoption leads to heightened productivity among sales representatives, subsequently reducing the sales cycle time.

User Adoption Monitor

With the integration of User Adoption Monitor into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you can elevate your CRM user adaptivity to the next level. This intelligent, non-intrusive activity tracker monitors user actions, providing businesses with insights to understand adoption patterns and enabling them to assess and refine their business processes accordingly. Whether it's lead generation, invoicing, or any out-of-the-box (OOB) or custom entities, you can track, analyze, and optimize how your employees utilize CRM and its features.


To further enhance adoption, consider gamifying your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Gamifics365, the only gamification app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE by Inogic. Motivate your sales representatives by introducing competitive games, scoreboards, and leaderboards, encouraging increased CRM usage, and driving more sales.

Take the next step in boosting your adoption rates by scheduling a quick demo with our experts!

Collaboration Between Departments

Fostering collaboration among different departments within an organization and encouraging the effective use of CRM are pivotal factors in the success of CRM implementation. While CRM is commonly recognized as a sales tool, its potential extends beyond that when utilized appropriately. The collaboration between the marketing and sales teams is particularly essential, as both play crucial roles in lead generation and client satisfaction. However, even the slightest gap in coordination needs to be addressed.

Mailchimp into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

To align sales and marketing efforts, it's essential to integrate marketing data into your CRM. This involves consolidating campaigns, user activities, and other data from marketing tools such as Mailchimp into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Marketing4Dynamics, a one-click plugin facilitating the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp, offers a unified view of customer and prospect engagement in CRM. With features like syncing CRM contacts with Mailchimp audience and transferring Mailchimp campaign data to CRM, it facilitates effective collaboration between the sales and marketing teams.


Another critical collaboration lies between Accounts and Sales. Many small and medium-sized businesses rely on Intuit QuickBooks Online for managing their accounting processes. However, sales teams often find themselves navigating between platforms to stay updated on incoming orders, recurring payments, and other account-related details to better understand their clients and plan strategies accordingly. InoLink, a bi-directional integration of QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Online, provides a comprehensive view of customer accounting data directly within your CRM.

To streamline collaboration among your teams within CRM, consider scheduling a quick demo with our experts!

Focus on Cost and IT Implications

Implementing CRM not only transforms employees' work culture but also impacts IT infrastructure and investments. As your business expands, so does your CRM data, including attachments and documents. The IT team also has to manage storage requirements, data backup, migration, and the associated costs of escalating CRM storage.


An effective solution to address the challenges of growing data storage and costs is to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with alternative cloud storage. Enter Attach2Dynamics, a tool that connects various cloud storage option such as Azure Blob Storage, Dropbox, and SharePoint. Offering real-time migration of files through an intuitive drag-and-drop UI for file and folder management, Attach2Dynamics meets all your storage and document management needs.

SharePoint Security Sync

Securing files and folders stored in selected cloud storage is the next crucial step. Given that SharePoint is a preferred cloud storage choice among CRM users, Inogic's SharePoint Security Sync comes into play. This application ensures that the security model of Dynamics 365 CRM is mirrored within SharePoint, addressing a gap that native integration fails to provide. With this secure and robust SharePoint integration app, Dynamics 365 CRM security privileges are automatically synchronized in SharePoint.

To address your CRM disk space and document management requirements, consider scheduling a quick demo with our experts!

How can Inogic support advancing your CRM strategy?

Addressing the challenges mentioned above is crucial. However, as an organization, it's equally vital to recognize the significance of a well-thought-out strategy that encompasses the initial steps, outlines growth, and anticipates future needs. Despite the abundance of features and functionalities in a CRM system, there will always be a requirement for various integrations, add-ons, and customizations.

Inogic, recognized as a Microsoft ISV Gold Partner, stands out as a prominent provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM apps. Offering a suite of 15+ co-sell-ready apps on Microsoft AppSource, Inogic caters to diverse industries globally. Explore our range of apps and their successful implementations in various businesses, or reach out to us at crm@inogic.com, and our team will promptly address your requirements.

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