Season 2: Holiday Hustle Hacked: Unleash Dynamics 365 CRM Apps for Peak Productivity!

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As winter covers us and the festive spirit of Christmas fills the air with joy, we acknowledge the significance of streamlining and automating your business processes, particularly as you prepare for a well-deserved holiday break. We understand the reality of the pre-Christmas hustle.

The holiday season influences every facet of our lives, including our work environments. With the enchanting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solutions, businesses can illuminate essential processes, empowering both staff and management not just during the holiday season but also in the times that follow.

Why not unwrap the present of efficient practices before you step away, ensuring that your return to work is a more delightful experience?

Immerse yourself in the festive magic as we kick off Season 2 of our Dynamics 365 CRM Apps Holiday Extravaganza! Join us on December 6th & 12th at 4 PM AEDT, 11 AM CET, and 11 AM EDT for a cheerful webinar series designed to infuse your CRM experience with holiday cheer and boost productivity!

Throughout the series, we'll be presenting a dazzling collection of Inogic Dynamics 365 CRM apps, covering productivity enhancements, data and security privilege synchronization, as well as location intelligence and communication tools.

Prepare to unwrap the magic of these fantastic Inogic apps in our holiday-themed webinar series:

Date: 6th December 2023

1. Maplytics – Location Intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM – Secrets to Boost Your Holiday Sales!

Discover the power of Maplytics, a Geospatial and Analytical Mapping solution designed for CRM. This tool is your key to boosting sales, evaluating workloads based on location data, strategizing pre-holiday meetings, and cutting down on travel time and expenses. Get holiday-ready with Maplytics and maximize your efficiency!

In this webinar, we'll highlight specific features tailored for holiday sales success:

  • Heat Maps & Dashboards: Interpret data through vibrant visual representations and prioritize essential entities.
  • Route Planning: Optimize travel routes for extensive fieldwork.
  • Mobile Check-in and Instant Follow-up Creation: Seamlessly check into meetings using a mobile app.

Time: 4 PM AEDT

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2. WhatsApp4Dynamics - WhatsApp Integration with Dynamics 365 CRM: The Secret Ingredient for Holiday Sales Success!

WhatsApp4Dynamics is an integration solution that seamlessly combines WhatsApp Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This innovative tool is designed to streamline the communication process for sales teams, eliminating the need for manual WhatsApp message sending. The app empowers users to send WhatsApp messages directly from within the CRM platform, promising a transformative impact on customer interactions, an elevated standard of sales communication, and enhanced efficiency during the holiday sales season.

Explore the distinctive features of the WhatsApp4Dynamics app that will be showcased in the webinar:

  • Receive and send WhatsApp messaging directly within CRM.
  • Craft pre-defined WhatsApp message templates approved by Twilio, all managed within CRM.
  • Harness the power of WhatsApp4Dynamics for effective customer engagement.

Time: 11 AM CET

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3. Attach2Dynamics & SharePoint Security Sync - Reduce CRM Storage Costs and Enhance Security with Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync!

If you're an IT administrator seeking to enhance document management and user access control in Dynamics 365 CRM, we have a solution for you. Utilize Attach2Dynamics to seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with various cloud storage options. Additionally, with SharePoint Security Sync, you can automatically synchronize CRM security privileges to SharePoint, alleviating your concerns about document security and storage, just in time for the holidays.

In this webinar, discover how Attach2Dynamics and SharePoint Security Sync can be instrumental for you:

  • Migrate Dynamics 365 CRM documents to Dropbox, SharePoint, and Azure Blob Storage in real-time.
  • Automatically synchronize security privileges from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint.
  • Develop custom folder structures to overcome the 50,000-item limit in SharePoint.

Time: 11 AM EDT

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12th December 2023

1. DeDupeD – Detect, Prevent, and Merge Duplicate D365 CRM Records in Bulk!

DeDupeD is a solution for maintaining data hygiene by detecting duplicate records in Dynamics 365 CRM. Experience a clutter-free CRM upon your return from the holiday! DeDupeD offers a comprehensive approach to detecting, preventing, and merging duplicate records for all entities in Dynamics 365 CRM (excluding emails). Don't miss the chance to optimize your data management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and enjoy a hassle-free holiday!

Explore the effective functionalities of the DeDupeD app in managing duplicate data through in-depth discussions in this webinar:

  • Improve the overall quality and reliability of CRM data by eliminating duplicates.
  • Employ duplicate prevention measures to minimize duplicate records from the start.
  • Streamline bulk duplicate identification and merging processes, simplifying the clean-up of redundant data for CRM users.

Time: 4 PM AEDT

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2. Marketing4Dynamics - Use Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM Together to Improve Your Customer Experience!

Marketing4Dynamics is a Mailchimp and CRM integration app, offering a seamless solution for integrating Mailchimp Analytics into your CRM. This holiday season, it presents an opportunity to unravel the secrets of crafting effective sales strategies without the hassle of navigating between applications. Join our webinar to make the most of this festive season and enhance your sales strategies!

Delve into the webinar to discover the essential features of Marketing4Dynamics that can elevate your sales strategies:

  • Synchronize Mailchimp audiences with CRM marketing lists and contacts.
  • Transfer campaign data from Mailchimp to CRM effortlessly.
  • Visualize Mailchimp campaign data directly on dashboards within your CRM.

Time: 11 AM CET

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3. Alerts4Dynamics- Create Record, Rule, Announcement, and Event-Based Alerts/Notifications in D365 CRM!

Alerts4Dynamics is a real-time alert and notification management app tailored for Dynamics 365 CRM. This tool facilitates the effortless creation, scheduling, and management of alerts and notifications, ensuring that your sales team stays well-informed. Craft messages in multiple languages for single or multiple alerts, accessible from any location within Dynamics 365 CRM. With Alerts4Dynamics, allow your sales team to enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Explore the key features of the Alerts4Dynamics app in the upcoming webinar:

  • Create and manage alerts for both Out-of-the-Box (OOB) and Custom entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Efficiently manage announcements, rule-based alerts, and record-based alerts.
  • View alerts through various formats, including pop-ups, form notifications, or email notifications directly within CRM.

Time: 11 AM EDT

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Secure your spot now and immerse yourself in the festive enchantment with Inogic. Uncover the treasure trove of efficient practices and turn your return to work into a delightful experience. Wishing you happy holidays and a productive New Year ahead!

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