How to Integrate Dynamics 365 with Other Cloud Apps in Real Time

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In today’s fast-paced business world, real-time data integration has become a critical need for organizations looking to stay competitive and provide seamless services. When it comes to integrating Dynamics 365 with other cloud applications, KingswaySoft Integration Gateway offers a powerful and full-featured solution to accomplish almost any integration project you can conceive. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of real-time integrations, how Integration Gateway works, and scenarios where real-time integration can significantly improve the quality of service.

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Benefits of Real-Time Integrations

Real-time data integration with Dynamics 365 and other cloud apps provides several key advantages:

1. Instantaneous Data Access

With real-time integrations, businesses can access data across all applications instantly. This means that as soon as data is updated in one system, it’s available in all connected systems, whether the changes come from Dynamics 365 or another connected application. This speed of data access is crucial for making timely decisions and providing customers with up-to-the-minute information.

2. Elimination of Batch Schedules

Traditional batch integration processes require scheduled runs, often at set intervals (e.g., every hour or every day). Real-time integration eliminates the need for these schedules, ensuring that data updates are processed immediately when they occur, without delays.

3. Continuous Monitoring

Integration Gateway, through webhooks, silently waits for an update notification from online applications. This continuous monitoring ensures that no data updates are missed, and it triggers integration processes only when there’s a change. This reduces server load and network traffic, as well as your cloud computing costs.

4. Local Data Control

For organizations concerned about data privacy and control, Integration Gateway runs on your local systems, allowing you to retain control over your data while still benefiting from real-time integrations.

Real-time Data Integration for Dynamics 365

How Integration Gateway Works

Integration Gateway acts as a bridge between your Dynamics 365 instance and other cloud applications, facilitating real-time data exchange. Here’s how it works:

  1. Configuring Webhooks: Set up webhook listeners for your cloud apps, including Dynamics 365.
  2. Receiving Notifications: The Gateway is notified when there’s a data update in your services.
  3. Publishing to Queues: Integration Gateway queues all notifications and passes them on to the configured destination service.
  4. Triggering Further Integration: The destination service, such as Dynamics 365, an SSIS task, or any other application, runs to collect and integrate the new information in near real-time.

Integration Gateway Scenarios

Let’s explore a couple of scenarios where real-time integration with Integration Gateway can significantly improve the quality of service:

Dynamics ERP Integration

Imagine a retailer that wants to ensure consistent inventory levels between their online store and physical shops. Previously, they ran data integration packages every five minutes, regardless of whether there were any inventory changes. With Integration Gateway, they now monitor webhooks for change notifications. Integration packages run only when inventory changes occur, making the process much more resource-efficient. What is more, since the integration service is triggered immediately, it also eliminates the five-minute delay.

Big Data Integration

A client has been shopping for furniture outside of her normal activities. Her bank detects potentially fraudulent activity and contacts her, thanks to real-time transaction data integration via Integration Gateway. As transactions are recorded, Integration Gateway picks up on the changes, activates the bank’s data integration process, and transfers new data to its Big Data service, allowing the bank to take immediate action.

Real-Time Integrations for Dynamics 365 with KingswaySoft’s Integration Gateway

In an era where data is king, real-time data integration is a necessity for businesses aiming to deliver exceptional customer experiences and stay competitive. KingswaySoft’s Integration Gateway provides a robust and seamless solution for integrating Dynamics 365 with other cloud applications in real time. It offers benefits such as instantaneous data access, elimination of batch schedules, continuous monitoring, and local data control. With Integration Gateway, you can easily facilitate real-time integration, enabling your organization to make data-driven decisions and provide superior customer service.

Interested in learning more about how Integration Gateway can transform your Dynamics 365 experience? Contact us at KingswaySoft today for more information, and take the first step towards streamlined, real-time data integration.

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