5 Benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks Integration

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5 Benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks Integration

Investing in an integration tool is a strategic decision that can significantly improve your business's efficiency, collaboration, and overall performance.

QuickBooks Online takes care of accounting tasks, while Dynamics 365 CRM oversees customer relationship management. Operating these systems in isolation may result in data inconsistencies and hinder collaboration between accounting and sales teams. To address this challenge, we require a solution capable of seamlessly integrating both platforms, facilitating bidirectional data synchronization.

This is where Inogic’s InoLink, a 5-star rated integration app, comes in!

InoLink is a cloud-based integration solution that seamlessly connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Online and Intuit QuickBooks Online. It offers several benefits to businesses that use both popular applications.

1. Improved Data Integrity and Synchronization

InoLink eliminates the need for manual data entry by synchronizing customer, product, and transaction data between CRM and QuickBooks. This real-time data exchange ensures that both systems always have the most up-to-date information, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

2. Enhanced Visibility into Customer Financials

Sales teams can access a complete view of customer balances, aging details, and transaction history directly within Dynamics 365 CRM, thanks to InoLink's integration. This real-time financial information empowers sales reps to make informed decisions, negotiate better deals, and improve customer relationships.

3. Streamlined Workflow and Increased Productivity

InoLink eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and manual data transfers between Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks. This streamlines workflows, reduces administrative tasks, and frees up time for employees to focus on more strategic activities.

4. Simplified Management of Multiple QuickBooks Companies

InoLink allows a single instance of Dynamics 365 CRM to integrate with multiple QuickBooks companies. This eliminates the need for separate CRM instances for each QuickBooks company, making it easier to manage and maintain financial data.

5. Cloud-Based Deployment and Scalability

InoLink is a cloud-based solution, making it easy to deploy and use without requiring any on-premises infrastructure. It also scales seamlessly to accommodate the growing needs of businesses, ensuring that it can continue to support their financial management processes as they expand.

Overall, InoLink offers a comprehensive integration solution that enhances data integrity, streamlines workflows, and provides businesses with a unified view of their customer and financial information. It is a valuable tool for companies that use both Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks, enabling them to improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making.

Download the integration tool today from Inogic website or Microsoft AppSource. Or reach out to Inogic’s integration experts at crm@inogic.com to give you a 1-on-1 demonstration of the app.

Need peer reviews before you want to try the app? Check out what our other customers have to say about InoLink and Inogic on Microsoft AppSource here.

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