Using Microsoft’s Custom PCF Controls to Enhance User Experience

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JourneyTEAM Senior Developer Josh Buahin discusses how to use Custom PCF Control to improve both the front- and back-end experience for developers and employees.

Microsoft’s Custom PCF Control (PowerApps component framework) was designed to empower both developers and app-builders to create code components for canvas and model-driven apps. By enhancing the overall experience, users are able to work with data in formats such as dashboards, forms, and views with ease. 

For example, with a Custom PCF Control, users can quickly replace a field with a numeric text value with a slider code or dial component with just a few clicks. Or users can completely transform a dataset into something like a map or calendar.

Ultimately, the tool makes it easy for users to manipulate data in order to generate code for Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning business applications.

How JourneyTEAM Utilized Custom PCF Control to Increase Visibility of Data Values


In a recent JourneyTEAM learning forum, Senior Developer Josh Buahin discussed how he built a Custom PCF Control to improve data readability for one of our customers.

The customer wanted to see both the option set description and option set values combined into one. This would provide their developers and employees with something more readable and improve the overall experience.

Josh was able to create a PCF Control that utilized the Web API to pull the metadata for the option set and then append the value and description together. This allowed the customer to see both the numeric value and display value for an option set in a single field. This made it so much easier for front- and back-end developers to know which values and data they’re working with.

For a closer look into how Josh utilized PCF Controls, click here. You can also contact a JourneyTEAM representative to learn more.

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