Uncover New Copilot Capabilities in Dynamics 365 CRM Updates

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The 2023 Wave 2 Releases for Dynamics 365 are currently underway with countless new capabilities already available for use. Some of these exciting new features include AI capabilities and enhancements, more personalized customer journeys, easier ways to create automated workflows, and more. With these new capabilities, users are empowered to build solutions with AI-guided insights and tips, all the while increasing productivity and seamlessly collaborating across teams without disrupting workflows.

To help you make the most of the new capabilities, we’ve taken on the arduous task of combing through all the newly released Dynamics 365 features, highlighting the ones we thought you’d find the most beneficial, and explained it all in our webinar series. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see in the webinars:

Dynamics 365 Sales 2023 Wave 2 Releases

Building solid, long-lasting customer relationships involves more than just providing a good product or service. Nowadays, customers expect organizations to tailor their to individual needs, and that includes your method of communication. To help foster those stronger relationships, Dynamics 365 Sales now has SMS messaging built directly into the platform, so your sales team can start convos with existing customers or potential leads without relying on a third-party app. We’ll show you how to set that up, along with how to quickly access summaries and prep for meetings with the new Dynamics Copilot.

Watch the full Dynamics 365 Sales Wave Release Update Webinar

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2023 Wave 2 Releases

The faster you respond to customer queries and requests, the happier they are. Thanks to the addition of Dynamics Copilot, both new and experienced customer service reps can now rapidly resolve customer cases without having to manually search for related help articles. In our webinar, we’ll walk you through how to take advantage of this feature for a more efficient customer service experience (and an improved customer service lifecycle).

Watch the full Dynamics 365 Customer Service Wave Release Update Webinar

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Journeys 2023 Wave 2 Releases

Long gone are the days of impersonal customer relations. Modern customers are savvy, and demand personalized, interactive experiences from their favourite brands. The newly released feature highlighted in our latest webinar is designed to help you quickly and easily build customer journeys, freeing up your time to focus on delivering a better, more tailored experience to your clients. You’ll also learn a faster way to build branded email themes, so every team in your organization stays on brand with minimal formatting errors.

Watch the full Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Wave Release Update Webinar

Dynamics Power Platform 2023 Wave 2 Releases

Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant Copilot has been instrumental in improving workflows and productivity, especially for less experienced users. Previously, creating basic Power Automate flows required more in-depth knowledge of trigger types, connectable apps, and the steps necessary following a triggered event. With the help of Dynamics Copilot, users can now effortlessly create automated new flows simply by describing triggers and subsequent steps within seconds.

Watch the full Power Platform Wave Release Update Webinar

Our webinar series provides a more detailed breakdown of each new capability we’ve mentioned here, a step-by-step process on how to set them up, and a live demo of each one in action. In just a few minutes, you’ll have everything you need to know to start taking advantage of these newly released features.

There are hundreds of new updates being released and we’ve only scratched the surface. If you’re looking to implement newly released Dynamics 365 capabilities in your organization or would like to learn more about which products and services would be beneficial to your team, we at Catapult are more than happy to help.

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