Sync Non-CRM User Appointments with Dynamics CRM

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Effective appointment management is a cornerstone for delivering exceptional customer experiences and maximizing operational efficiency. 

This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide, exploring the benefits of leveraging Calendar 365 to create a well-oiled system for appointment booking. 

The focus is empowering businesses to overcome the limitations of traditional scheduling methods, providing customers with a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

The CRM system becomes a centralized repository for all appointment-related information, regardless of whether the user is within the CRM environment or not. 

So let's get started.

Step 1: Generate a meeting link

To offer your customers a hassle-free appointment booking experience, Dynamics 365 Calendar allows you to generate a personalized meeting link effortlessly. Here's how you can do it:

Define Available Hours: Start by adding your available hours, taking into account buffer times and non-working days. This ensures your customers can only book slots when you are genuinely available.

Event Types: Customize event types at a global level, and these will be reflected on the user level. Users can choose which event types are visible on their personalized link. For instance, you might have 15-minute introduction calls, 30-minute discussion calls, or 60-minute demo calls. Calendar 365 dynamically creates time slots based on the chosen event duration.

Step 2: Share the meeting link

With your meeting links ready, it's time to share them with your customers. The user-centric interface makes the process intuitive and straightforward. Consider sharing the links through various channels, such as email, online platforms, or social media. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall experience for your customers.

External Booking: External users, whether clients, partners, or prospects, can click on the provided meeting link, redirecting them to a dedicated booking page. This page displays available appointment slots based on your real-time availability. Customers can then choose their preferred time slot, enter personal details, and confirm the booking.

Step 3: Sync with Dynamics CRM

The beauty of this system lies in its ability to seamlessly sync data with Dynamics 365 CRM via Calendar 365. This integration ensures that the appointments booked by non-CRM users are efficiently stored for future reference.

Comprehensive View: Syncing data to the resource and customer calendar provides a comprehensive view of your activity status. It allows you to track resources allocated, time spent on various activities, and more, all within the Calendar 365 interface.

Centralizing this information eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms to access vital data. Everything you need is conveniently available in Calendar 365.

Advantages of Utilizing Calendar 365

  • Setting up and sharing Calendar 365 is a straightforward process, ensuring seamless collaboration with clients and internal team members.
  • The reasonably priced Calendar 365 meeting link offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing your scheduling capabilities.
  • The meeting link feature in Calendar 365 seamlessly integrates with your existing calendars, such as Google Calendar and MS Outlook. This integration automates and streamlines the often challenging task of scheduling meetings, improving overall efficiency.
  • Facilitating improved communication between clients and teams, sharing a link through Calendar 365 enables individuals to view your comprehensive availability, making finding the optimal time for scheduling meetings easier.
  • The Calendar 365 meeting link proves invaluable for scheduling various events, including live demos for clients, webinars, and training sessions.
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder emails provided by the Calendar 365 meeting link ensure a proactive approach to keeping track of your schedule.
  • Tailored for small to medium-sized sales teams, the Calendar 365 meeting link is ideal for maintaining a well-organized flow of sales calls and demos.
  • Eliminating confusion, the Calendar 365 meeting link displays availability in the time zone of your invitees, ensuring clarity and preventing any scheduling mishaps.


The integration of Dynamics 365 CRM and Calendar 365 presents a transformative solution for businesses seeking to revolutionize their appointment management processes. 

By leveraging the power of technology, this dynamic duo streamlines scheduling workflows and enhances customer satisfaction and productivity. 

The advancement of meeting links, user-friendly interfaces for external booking, and seamless synchronization with Dynamics 365 CRM collectively contribute to a comprehensive and efficient system. 

Embrace the potential of Calendar 365 to optimize your scheduling workflow, providing your customers with a booking experience that is both seamless and user-centric. Elevate your business operations today and unlock the benefits of a synchronized and streamlined appointment management system.

Ready to transform your scheduling process? Start optimizing with Calendar 365 now!

Contact Appjetty at or visit for more information. 

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