Dynamics 365 and DealHub CPQ Help Improve Customer Experience and Engagement

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Enhancing customer experience and engagement is crucial for sustained success. Dynamics 365, coupled with a CPQ solution, offers a powerful combination that significantly improves how businesses interact with their customers. Let's explore how CPQ technology, like DealHub's Agile CPQ, can revolutionize customer engagement and experience.

How does CPQ integrated with Dynamics 365 Improve Customer Experience and Engagement?

Drive Customer Engagement with Automated Quoting in Dynamics 365

Sales professionals find it challenging to respond promptly to customer inquiries when bogged down with administrative tasks. Not only do those tasks cut into the time your reps have to do what they do best, but they can also affect the customer’s experience with your brand.

Slow response times are a significant factor in deals that fall flat. Why? Simply put, research shows that the first quote is the winner 50% of the time. But how can you make the process faster while leveraging your Dynamics 365 investment?

This is where CPQ solutions that integrate with your preferred Microsoft ERP play a pivotal role. By automating the quoting process, CPQ technology empowers sales professionals to respond swiftly to customer inquiries. Manual tasks, such as sorting through price and product lists, are performed automatically by the system.

By eliminating the delays associated with traditional quote generation, businesses can engage with their customers promptly, creating a positive first impression and laying the foundation for enduring relationships.

100% Accurate Quotes

A single mistake in a quote can lead to misunderstandings, erode trust, and even jeopardize a potential deal. CPQ systems ensure quote accuracy by combining real-time price and product information with guided selling playbooks.

In a guided selling process, sales professionals answer specific questions about deals and the CPQ system ensures that every quote generated is 100% accurate. The system, tightly integrated with Dynamics 365, serves as a single source of pricing truth; salespeople no longer have to worry about outdated price lists or incorrectly pairing products and accessories in the quoting process.

This precision when putting together a quote minimizes the need for corrections later in the sales process, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

Streamline Discounting Approval Workflows in Dynamics 365 with CPQ

There is still much work to do after delivering the quote. Many customers want to negotiate for a better price or other perceived benefits. Sales reps commonly offer discounts, which can require managerial approval, introducing another bottleneck in the buyer journey.

While Dynamics 365 does have some approval workflow tools, CPQ adds greater control and can alleviate approval backlogs while keeping margins within an acceptable range. How? Management can set specific approval thresholds. Discounts falling within these predefined limits are automatically approved, enabling salespeople to maintain momentum in negotiations without unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, discounts exceeding these thresholds are routed for manual review, ensuring that strategic decisions are made more significant concessions. This automated system not only accelerates the negotiation process but also provides a safety net, safeguarding the company’s margins and preventing instances of rogue discounting.

Keep Sales Professionals Focused on Customer Experience and Engagement

By automating mundane tasks, CPQ technology liberates sales professionals to concentrate on core activities: building relationships and enhancing the customer experience. Having more time to sell correlates directly to better performance and higher revenues.

Additionally, reducing the administrative load helps them keep their enthusiasm high. Sales is a people-centric profession; interacting with customers is central to the feeling of accomplishment and success.

Thus, by empowering sales teams to concentrate on customer interactions rather than mundane tasks, CPQ technology that integrates with the Dynamics CRM solution  ensures that every customer engagement is infused with authenticity, empathy, and the commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

Subscription Management Made Easy

Managing subscription-based services can be complex. Defining the scope of services, payment terms, and long or co-term discounting are a few of the challenges.

CPQ solutions simplify this process by automating workflows and ensuring standardized deals for similar pricing and buyer personas. This efficient management of long-term contracts helps sales reps maximize revenue potential, and it also enhances customer satisfaction by providing consistency and clarity in subscription services.

Customers are happy and remain loyal when you make even the most challenging and complex deals look easy.

Ease of Adoption

User adoption is key to the success of any technology solution. Sales teams often find themselves juggling multiple tools and technologies, making the learning curve a critical factor in embracing new solutions. Ideally, the user doesn’t conform to the technology; the technology conforms to the user's needs

DealHub CPQ stands out with its intuitive interface designed to align with the natural workflow of salespeople. Many of our clients have reported 100% adoption rates within weeks of system implementation and user onboarding, showing how quickly the sales professional feels at home with our solution.

With DealHub CPQ, organizations benefit from their investment in Dynamics 365 by using a solution that integrates tightly with their favorite CRM and is instantly familiar to users. This allows them to bridge the gap between technology and teams, fostering a culture of efficiency and enthusiasm where every sales professional is empowered to transform customer engagement and drive business growth.

Dynamics 365 and DealHub CPQ: A Catalyst for Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365, integrated with DealHub’s Agile CPQ, transforms customer engagement and helps sales teams deliver exceptional customer experiences. By automating processes, ensuring accuracy, streamlining workflows, and enhancing focus on customer interactions, businesses can deliver exceptional experiences.

In the digital age, investing in technologies that improve customer engagement is not just advantageous – it's essential for thriving in today's competitive market.

Want to increase customer engagement and improve the customer experience for your brand? Contact us today, and let us help you boost your sales performance.

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