[Video] Transforming Your Credit Union CX Through AI & Autonomous Services with Microsoft Copilot

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Outstanding member relations form the cornerstone of every thriving credit union. What distinguishes credit unions from traditional banks is the personal, community-centric services you provide. These services create an environment that resembles an extended family. Therefore, we're excited to present Microsoft Copilot, a cutting-edge platform that's set to revolutionize your member interactions through the incredible power of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous services.

We recognize that a customized experience cultivates satisfied members who evolve into your most loyal promoters. You depend on them recommending your credit union to their friends, relatives, and professional contacts. Yet, in the context of our rapidly evolving digital landscape, we acknowledge that members are increasingly leaning towards autonomous solutions for effective financial management.

Enter HSO's Comprehensive Suite for Credit Unions, which merges a holistic member view with AI-enabled functionalities to deliver an uninterrupted service experience.

Our platform equips your branch with dynamic features:

  • Insightful Relationship Management: Your relationship managers gain immediate access to exhaustive member profiles and significant life events.  This enables them to offer timely, individualized advice and assistance.
  • Streamlined Teller Operations: Our AI-fueled teller system ensures quick and precise transactions, allowing your staff to serve members with unmatched efficiency.
  • Performance Analytics via KPI Dashboards: Monitor both branch-wide and role-specific performance through intuitive Key Performance Indicator dashboards. Empower your team to continually refine their efforts.
  • Strategic Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Initiatives: Our platform simplifies the cross-selling and up-selling of pertinent products and services to your members. Thereby, enhancing engagement and boosting revenue.
  • Data-Driven Product Suggestions: Utilizing machine learning algorithms, Copilot delivers intelligent product recommendations that are specifically aligned with each member's financial objectives.

Discover autonomous services through accessible portals, conversational bots, and virtual representatives

All are designed to offer immediate responses and customized promotional content. Enable your members with bespoke service features, simplifying their banking activities while escalating both engagement and revenue.

At HSO, we're dedicated to equipping your branch with the advanced tools and technologies required to amplify member retention, nurture connections, and stimulate growth. Learn how to get started with HSO's AI Briefing.

Contact HSO today to arrange a demonstration and explore the next chapter in credit union member services. Together, let's redefine what's possible for your credit union's member experience.

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