Say Goodbye to Duplicate Records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: DeDupeD is Here!

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Detect, Prevent & Merge - Say Goodbye to Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365 CRM!

If organizations adopt data quality best practices, such as employing a deduplication solution, they could potentially achieve a 66% increase in revenue.

In this information age, trustworthy data is not just a necessity; it’s an imperative.

Due to manual entries by different users, bulk data import, or CRM integration with websites or social media channels, companies relying on Microsoft Dynamics 365 may suffer from duplicate records entering the CRM, resulting in poor data quality.

To resolve this challenge, CRM comes with (out of the box) OOB duplicate detection rules for detecting duplicate data in Dynamics 365. It offers default duplicate detection rules for contact and account records. Whereas, users have been looking for a way to find and clean/merge duplicate records in bulk for all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities within a user-friendly interface.

Lucky for you; Inogic has finally come with its latest and innovative app for managing duplicate CRM records.

We are excited to announce the release of DeDupeD, Inogic’s brand new data cleansing app. It enables users to detect, prevent, and merge duplicate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM entity records (OOB or Custom).


CRM users can quickly find duplicate records using DeDupeD! The app enables you to prevent both the creation of new duplicate records and the addition of duplicates to existing records. Additionally, you can detect and bulk merge historical duplicate records.

To learn more about the useful features of DeDupeD, continue reading.

Features of the DeDupeD App:

Duplicate Identification: DeDupeD allows users to find duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM records. A form notification with the message “Duplicate records exist for this record” is displayed on record form, notifying users that there are existing duplicate records present in the CRM system for current record.


On-Demand Duplicate Identification: This feature allows users to find duplicate records for any entity (OOB or Custom) whenever the need arises. With just a click on the “Show Duplicates” button, users can quickly find duplicates from anywhere in the CRM environment.


Duplicate Prevention: This feature helps prevent duplicates within Microsoft Dynamics 365 records on client side and server side. Significantly reducing the odds of duplicate entries. By offering customizable rules and validation mechanisms, it enables users to create an effective duplicate prevention system.


Clean-up Historical Duplicate Records in Bulk: DeDupeD simplifies the process of merging historical duplicate CRM records. Users can perform a holistic duplicate clean-up process that detects and merges historical duplicate records in bulk based on set criteria.


User-Friendly Interface: The app provides a user-friendly interface seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This helps users easily navigate, find duplicate records, and perform necessary actions. This makes it easier for users of Dynamics 365 CRM to become accustomed to the app's deduplication interface, making it seem like a standard feature rather than an add-on.


DeDupeD not only offers an improved user experience, streamlined duplicate identification, reduced time spent contacting the same clients repeatedly, and data integrity and consistency across the CRM system.

There’s more to DeDupeD’s amazing features.

  • DeDupeD gives you the option to adjust the duplicate matching rules to suit your requirements.
  • Users of the app can detect duplicates on behalf of other users.
  • The app enables users to omit inactive records from duplicate detection.

Excited to try the app? You can get it for a 15-day free trial on our website. Feel free to contact us at for a personalized demo of the app or to ask queries related to duplicate Dynamics 365 CRM data management.

Until then, find and manage duplicates in Dynamics 365 CRM like a pro.

PS. If you missed catching up with us at MPPC23, then no worries, you can join us at Community Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina, from 15 - 20 October. Don’t miss our Partner Solution Showcase by product expert Roohi Shaikh, CEO, Inogic. We are excited to meet you at Booth #1429.

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