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2023 has been buzzing with some breakthrough announcements in Power Platform and Copilot by Microsoft. Combining Copilot which works as a companion for your work can result in some amazing outcomes – we will be discussing them in a moment.

Let’s start with Power Platform:

Power Platform is a low-code platform (with advanced features for Pro users) that allows you to build powerful applications, workflows, websites, chatbots, reports, and analytics using Microsoft Dataverse as the common data source.

You can use different apps on Power Platform, such as:

  • Power Apps: You can create custom canvas or model-driven apps that can run on any device.
  • Power Pages: make low-code websites that can match your branding and goals.
  • Power Automate: Create automated workflows that can connect to hundreds of services and apps.
  • Power BI: Create interactive insights and visualize data that can be flexibly observed across different forms of data.
  • Power Virtual Agents: Develop intelligent chatbots that can interact with customers and employees.
  • Power AI Builder: Build and use artificial intelligence (AI) models without writing any code.

Power Platform apps work together and with the Microsoft ecosystem, which includes Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and others. This means the same business data can be accessed across all the apps and services.

For example, you can avoid data silos and duplication ensuring consistency and streamline your business workflows to improve collaboration and communication. There are tons of use cases but now let's talk about the most exciting Microsoft offering - Copilot.

What is Copilot?

Copilot is the new buzz of 2023 and for a good reason. Copilot combines the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) including GPT-4, with Microsoft 365 applications and Microsoft Graph. This lets Copilot become the best work assistant allowing more efficiency and productivity to the users.

Now, you might wonder how to use Power Platform and Copilot together to create amazing solutions for your business?

Well, the answer is simple: you can use Copilot to write custom code for your Power Platform apps. For example, you can use Copilot to customize:

  • HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code for your Power Pages site
  • Expressions or formulas for your Power Apps app
  • Connectors or actions for your Power Automate flow
  • Topic or entities for your Power Virtual Agents bot
  • Functions or scripts for your Power BI report
What are the Benefits of Using Power Platform and Copilot for Your Business?

Power Platform and Copilot are powerful tools that can help you transform your business in many ways, such as:

  • Automating tasks and workflows that are repetitive, time-consuming, or error-prone, using Power Automate and Copilot's automation engine.
  • Creating engaging apps and websites that can run on any device, using Power Apps and Copilot's app builder.
  • Create interactive chatbots and reports that can provide personalized and relevant information to your customers, using Power Virtual.
  • Using AI models that can analyze data, generate insights, and make predictions, using Power AI Builder and Copilot's AI platform.

Power Platform with Copilot is a new feature that was announced at the Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2023. It is a game-changer for anyone who wants to create and manage solutions with Power Apps, Power Pages, and Power Automate.

Here are some of the amazing things you can do with Power Platform with Copilot:

Power Apps with Copilot

You can create apps from Excel files in a snap. Just upload your Excel file to your Power App and Copilot will turn it into a Dataverse table. This means you can access your data across Power Platform in the right format. You can also use natural language to ask Copilot questions about your data within Power Apps. You can even customize Copilot with Power Virtual Agents to link data and open web pages in your Power App. Power Apps with Copilot is coming soon in Public Preview.

Power Pages with Copilot

You can build websites from natural language requests. Just tell Copilot what you want and you will get design suggestions. You can also ask for a specific type of page. Once the site is ready, tell Copilot to add any feature, component, or anything else you want on the page. If you are not sure how to code something, just ask Copilot and it will do it for you within the editor. Power Pages with Copilot is coming soon in Public Preview.

Power Automate with Copilot

You can create flows from natural language requests. Just tell Copilot what you want to do and it will create a flow for you. You can also use a new flow designer with zoom and navigation features. No more stress while creating flows. You can also understand your flow steps with Copilot explanations. Just ask and Copilot will tell you what each step does. This is especially useful for new users or reviewing old flows. Power Automate with Copilot is now generally available.

Brand new feature - Function Process Mining

You can analyze and improve your flow performance with Copilot. You can use Copilot to show you how long each flow step takes and where the delays or errors occur. You can also ask Copilot for review and suggestions on how to optimize your flow logic and avoid bottlenecks or dead nodes. You can also use Power BI to create a dashboard that shows your process efficiency over time. You can connect your Process Mining report to Power BI and visualize your data with charts, graphs, and tables. You can also customize your dashboard with filters, slicers, and other features. Function Process Mining is coming soon in Public Preview.

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Do you want to see how Copilot can make your Power Platform experience more fun and easier? Visualize some amazing examples of how Copilot can help you create apps, pages, flows, and more with natural language and AI.

You will also see how Copilot can work with other Power Platform features and services, such as Power Virtual Agents, Power BI, and Process Mining. Click on the link and enjoy!

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