Effortless Task and List Management: The Power of Microsoft 365 CoPilot

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When your sales team finishes a particularly productive meeting, does each member understand what to do next? Does everyone know their action items and have access to the information they need to complete them? Microsoft 365  Copilot makes managing sales team tasks a breeze.

When your sales team meets, they may cover an overwhelming amount of information. Hopefully, effective task plans will be assigned. But without a way to track and manage them, tasks can quickly veer off course or fall through the cracks. That's when Microsoft 365 Copilot can be a lifesaver.

Microsoft 365 Copilot can increase productivity by streamlining meeting follow-ups and managing task lists. When Microsoft announced its release, it pointed out that "Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 in two ways. It works alongside you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more—to unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills."

Copilot uses AI and combines the power of large language models with your data in Microsoft 365 apps to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool.  You can give it natural language prompts such as "How we are doing with sales meeting follow-ups," and it will generate a status update based on meetings, emails, chat threads, and task completions.

Because it is embedded, Copilot syncs with your other Microsoft apps and works with calendars, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and contacts.

Making Teams Meetings More Effective with Dynamics 365 Copilot

During your Microsoft Teams meetings, you can record and automatically transcribe conversations. Copilot will use AI to summarize meeting notes, break down speaker participation, and identify action items. Copilot can sense when meeting topics change and automatically divide the meeting summary into chapters based on subjects discussed.

Microsoft 365 Copilot allows meeting attendees to focus on communicating and participating rather than being distracted by recording extensive notes. Meeting organizers will also appreciate Copilot. They can streamline meeting summaries and generate task lists to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what tasks they will be responsible for after the meeting.

Sales team members can also use Copilot during Teams meetings with clients. They can share a meeting summary and identify action items. Copilot will generate the transcript, recap, and action items within 5-30 minutes after the meeting ends. Once the meeting overseer sees the content, they can edit it to clarify key points before distributing meeting notes to participants, clients, or other interested parties.

Western Computer Sales Team Tested Copilot

Western Computer's internal sales team tested Copilot to see how it can help us serve our clients. One basic but vital benefit was using Copilot for discovery note-taking. When our pre-sales team calls a prospect, recording every single note and passing it along to the solution design team is nearly impossible. Copilot will transcribe the call and identify the major themes. The solution team can then work from those notes, confident that every detail was captured.

With Copilot capturing all the notes from prospect and client meetings, our sales team can also engage better in conversations. This thoroughness ensures that we understand our prospects' and clients' needs and allows us to connect more meaningfully with them.

Our sales team also works more efficiently as communication takes less time, and task lists are clearly posted.

Copilot Integrates with Other Microsoft Productivity Tools 

Use Copilot with other Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint, that combine the resources your sales team uses the most, such as product documents and upcoming customer events. Once Copilot helps you identify after-meeting action items, you can use Microsoft Planner to manage group communications, assign tasks with due dates, and track the progress of assignments.

As you begin working with Copilot's various features, note that the results are not always 100% accurate; after all, it's AI (Artificial Intelligence) and may take some practice. We recommend assigning a user to verify the content and its context to catch any errors.

For more information or a demo on how Copilot can help you leverage AI to collaborate, run meetings more effectively, and manage sales team tasks,  contact Western Computer today.

By Western Computer, www.westerncomputer.com

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