Building a Predictable Sales Pipeline in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

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Creating a predictable sales pipeline is the Holy Grail for revenue leaders. In the world of digital transformation, where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping business strategies, achieving this goal can seem like a daunting task.

In this article, we will explore how you can leverage DealHub and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to build a predictable sales pipeline, step by step.

Build a Predictable Sales Pipeline in Dynamics 365 Sales with DealHub

The Challenge of Execution

Building a predictable sales pipeline isn't just about having a grand strategy in place; it's about executing that strategy effectively. In the fast-paced world of sales, daily tasks often lead to a disconnect between strategy and execution. This disconnect can be exacerbated by the proliferation of tech tools that, instead of facilitating communication, end up cluttering the landscape. The result? It becomes challenging to maintain a clear view of how your strategic plans translate into action.

This lack of effective oversight can lead to a gradual decoupling of strategy and tactics. Over time, iteration becomes difficult, if not impossible. Without consistent execution and measurable results, the 'predictable' part of a 'predictable pipeline' starts to fade away.

Advanced Guided Selling Playbooks in Dynamics 365 Sales

Create a predictable sales pipeline with DealHub Playbooks with easy access from Dynamics 365 Sales

DealHub offers a comprehensive solution to bridge this gap and build a predictable sales pipeline. What sets it apart from other tools is its advanced guided selling playbooks. Let's explore how you can leverage them to streamline your sales processes. Here are three primary benefits:

Native Integration with Dynamics 365

DealHub offers native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. This integration ensures seamless, bi-directional data synchronization between your revenue pipeline stages and customer data. No more manual field updates or data entry errors. This integration creates a single source of truth, which ensures data is clean and reliable.

Customizable Recommendation Engine

DealHub's collaborative recommendation engine and decisioning tree are 100% customizable without requiring complex backend coding. This means that sales reps can follow a set of tailored questions about their deals. These responses then go through the rules engine set up by management, resulting in a quote that accurately reflects the sales strategy.

Streamlined Approval Workflow in Dynamics 365 Sales

DealHub's playbooks automate sales approvals, simplifying interdepartmental communication. Rather than coping with a never-ending stream of emails and missed messages, a more automated and controlled approval workflow ensures nothing slips through the cracks, and that finalized and approved quotes get to clients as soon as possible.

With consolidated, actionable data and clear, guided cross-departmental communication, DealHub sales playbooks are an invaluable tool to eliminate friction in the sales pipeline, from promising opportunities to closed deals.

Building a Single Sales Motion in Dynamics 365 Sales

The 3 stages of a predictable sales pipeline in Dynamics 365 Sales

Our playbooks’ step-by-step workflows also yield business insights that you can leverage with DealHub CPQ + DealRoom to further optimize your sales processes. Rather than printing out a quote generated in the system, keep the offer off paper and in digital form, creating a virtual conference room where all stakeholders can communicate and access sales docs while recording all interactions. This keeps the entire process in one place, easily accessible for your clients as well as your sales reps via tight integration with Dynamics 365 Sales. Here are the steps in the workflow.

1. Opportunity Stage

The fluid sales motion starts at the beginning, the Opportunity Stage. Here are some important moments in this phase:

Discovery and Sales Content: In the past, reps manually entered their discovery call summaries into sales tools, or even paper notes, leading to scattered information. With DealRoom, reps can summarize calls and make the information readily available for reference. They can also deliver specialized content, such as explainer videos or customer testimonials, that will resonate with that specific client. Everything happens inside the platform, keeping the entire process focused.

Sales Proposal Creation: DealHub CPQ + DealRoom streamlines sales proposal creation. It automatically transfers information from the quote to the sales proposal, ensuring consistency and accuracy. This seamless process reflects your sales strategy, setting the stage for successful negotiations.

2. Buying Stage

In the buying stage, DealHub simplifies contract generation, negotiation, and execution, helping your sales reps stick to the playbook.

Document Generation: DealHub's document generation functionality allows sales reps to add legal clauses, summary pricing, and other details to the contract, leaving it on the virtual table in DealRoom. This connects the quote to the contract, ensuring continuity across every contract in the pipeline.

Real-time Redlining: DealRoom's CLM real-time redlining ensures smooth sailing during negotiations. Stakeholders can collaborate on one master copy of the contract, eliminating confusion and inaccuracies. This ensures that the final contract aligns with the negotiated terms.

Integrated E-Sign: Closing the deal is seamless with integrated E-Signing. Stakeholders can use the DocuSign integration within DealRoom to approve contracts, eliminating the need for a flurry of emails.

3. Renewal Stage

Closing the first deal with a new client is only the beginning of a fruitful partnership. DealHub helps maximize revenue from renewals, upsells, and expansions.

DealRoom allows sales managers to configure the rules engine to account for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. This ensures that every contract offers the right bundle with the correct terms and conditions, driving revenues higher every year.

Analyzing Your Pipeline: Advanced Data Analytics

Connecting your entire revenue pipeline from start to finish is crucial, but it doesn't end there. Continuous analysis and improvement are key to maximizing revenue.

DealHub CPQ + DealRoom provides advanced data analytics to analyze every stage of your pipeline and overall results. You can collect clean data about your entire opportunity-to-close cycle, track deal outcomes, and gain insights into what works and what doesn't.

Real-time notifications inform your sales reps when buyers interact with content, enabling them to make timely follow-ups. This data empowers you to optimize your sales and revenue strategies, both at the macro and micro levels.

Create One Fluid Sales Motion in Dynamics 365 Sales

In conclusion, building a predictable sales pipeline with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is achievable with DealHub. Its advanced guided selling playbooks, streamlined sales motion, and robust data analytics empower revenue leaders to translate strategy into action and maximize revenue impact.

To learn more about how our Revenue Platform can help your team streamline processes, close deals, and increase revenue in one fluid sales motion, contact DealHub for a demo today.


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