6 Ways to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and DealHub CPQ into Your Sales Playbook

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Having a well-defined Sales Playbook is akin to having a treasure map leading to success. Yet, astonishingly, only 12% of companies claim to possess a Sales Playbook, and even fewer utilize it to its full potential.

If your organization falls into this category, fear not – once your playbook is defined, you can leverage the Microsoft Dynamics CRM you already have to guide sales reps with consistent processes, as well as a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution to enable lightning-fast responses to customer inquiries. Supporting strategy with technology will ensure scalable and predictable results.

Leverage CPQ and CRM to Use Your Sales Playbook to its Full Potential

Let’s explore six compelling ways to seamlessly weave Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and CPQ software into your sales framework.

1. Streamline Roles and Responsibilities

Your Sales Playbook serves as the compass guiding new hires through your organization’s methodologies and practices. It also keeps seasoned sales professionals on the straight and narrow, avoiding bad habits.

However, when your Sales Playbook is applied to processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, the onboarding process becomes a breeze. New hires hit the ground running with clear guidelines, boosting productivity. Additionally, with CPQ at their fingertips, they’ll see quicker lead qualification and closures.

2. Enhance Understanding of Buyer Personas and Journeys

To sell effectively, your salesforce must intimately understand your customers and the motivations for their purchases. A modern CPQ solution provides tailored proposals and quotes that resonate with your target audience, transforming guesswork into precision.

Your salesforce will become adept at asking the right questions, identifying the most appealing products, and mastering cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. As CPQ takes the wheel, your team’s ability to connect with customers on a deeper level will thrive.

3. Master Time Management and Day Structuring

For salespeople, time is the most precious resource. Wasted days spent chasing dead-end leads or searching for sales collateral can hinder success.

CPQ software eliminates these inefficiencies by streamlining the sales process, reducing lead times, and shortening sales cycles. This results in more productive days and, ultimately, more closed deals.

Furthermore, CPQ integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows managers to monitor activities in real-time, ensuring every day is a step toward success while offering guidance for improvement.

4. Simplify Products and Pricing

Learning an organization’s vast product catalog can overwhelm new hires. CPQ takes the heavy lifting out of this equation. It recommends products and bundles based on customer needs, effortlessly guiding salespeople through the selection process.

Inventory tracking ensures orders can be fulfilled before they’re placed. Discount calculations and partner/channel pricing are automated, making quotes both customer-friendly and accurate. With CPQ, your sales team can focus on selling, not memorizing product details.

5. Automate Sales Process and Planning

Sales managers often spend significant time teaching their teams how to qualify leads, pitch effectively, provide quotes, and navigate the intricacies of the sales process. Even experienced professionals may require additional training in your specific sales methodology.

CPQ automates these aspects, ensuring leads are qualified and the sales process always aligns with each prospect’s needs. Salespeople can also tap into the success of top performers by implementing proven strategies, leading to closing more (and larger) deals.

6. Empower with Metrics and Results

An effective Sales Playbook should include tools for salespeople to track their performance metrics, from lead qualification to closed deals. Integrating CPQ into your playbook puts accurate metrics at everyone’s fingertips, reducing errors and providing sales managers with real-time insights from the comfort of their offices.

With the hard numbers at their disposal, sales managers can offer more effective guidance, set achievable goals, and establish reasonable sales quotas. The result? A highly successful sales organization guided by data-driven decision-making.

Elevate Your Sales Playbook with CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

In a world where sales success hinges on precision, efficiency, and insight, CPQ and CRM are your secret weapons. By weaving these two solutions into your Sales Playbook, you unlock a new level of productivity and effectiveness.

Don’t let your Sales Playbook gather dust on the shelf. Embrace the future of sales with DealHub CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and watch your organization soar to new heights of success. It’s time to turn your sales playbook into a dynamic force for growth and profitability.

Start your journey today and experience the transformational power of CPQ in action.


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