2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment - Unveiling the Synergy of Creativity and Technology in Manufacturing

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A groundbreaking report set to launch this month will shed light on the dynamic interplay of creativity and technology in the manufacturing sector. This transformative synergy has given rise to heightened productivity, enhanced agility, and a surge in business opportunities for many organizations.

The 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment is a comprehensive study meticulously crafted by The Manufacturer in collaboration with HSO. The report is available now and will be accompanied by an exclusive live webinar scheduled for November 29th at 11 AM EST, where key findings will be extensively discussed.

The assessment draws from the insights of manufacturing professionals surveyed between June and July 2023. To deepen our understanding, The Manufacturer Editorial Team conducted in-depth interviews with numerous respondents, creating a report that is not only data-rich but also grounded in real-world experiences.

This report unravels the reasons behind the surge in agility among manufacturing organizations since 2022. It highlights the pivotal role of data in shaping decision-making processes, pinpoints the obstacles hindering companies from achieving their goals in the next 12-24 months, and reveals why manufacturers prioritize retaining their talent pool before resorting to recruitment.

Delve into the intricate world of industry agility, strategy, challenges, and aspirations with the 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment.

James Devonshire, International Reporter for Hennik Research, a part of Nineteen Group and the author of this report, remarked, "For me, one factor stands out and that is how many manufacturers are leveraging digital solutions to afford a raft of benefits. As you will learn, numerous companies are increasing their agility, boosting productivity and improving quality by harnessing the power of data."

Concluding this year's Manufacturing Agility Assessment, Matt Birtwistle, Manufacturing Industry Director at HSO, noted that it's “refreshing to hear why many manufacturers are striving to make these tangible agility gains: for the competitive advantage that doing so affords, potentially opening doors to new business opportunities”.

To get an in-depth look at the findings from the 2023 Manufacturing Agility Assessment, join James and Matt for an exclusive webinar hosted by HSO on November 29 at 11 AM EST. This event is a unique opportunity for you to gain firsthand insights into the survey results and engage in discussions with industry peers.

Secure your spot for the live webinar by registering here.

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