The Power of CRM Adoption: How Small Steps Can Fuel Revenue

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Author: congruentX

In a bustling office not so far away, there was a dedicated sales team working tirelessly to grow their business. Yet, they faced a common challenge: their CRM system friction… a daunting maze of data and features that left many team members frustrated and resistant to using it.

The Team

Meet Sarah, one of their seasoned sales executives who believed their CRM was more trouble than it was worth.  She found it overwhelming, drowning in a sea of information, and the thought of navigating it daily made her cringe. She often felt like she was "Doing CRM" instead of doing Sales.   Sarah wasn't alone; most of her colleagues felt the same way.

Jeff was new to the team. He was so awash in data that he resorted to working with buyers like he did in his other company and even ‘winging it’.

Mary, the Chief Revenue officer had promised the board she would get the business to its revenue targets in a predictable way.  She implemented a Go to Market Strategy she felt would get the team there. Looking at last month’s numbers - it wasn’t.

Her senior sellers like Sarah were doing fine.  The rest of the team - like Jeff - were hit or miss.  She asked Sarah to spend some time with Jeff.  But she sure couldn't pull her out of her territory to work with all the other struggling folks.  If she could just understand what the team was doing and determine what was working and what wasn’t…  She could benchmark and literally send her best seller out on every call.

The company knew they needed to make a change.  Insert congruentX’s ValueX Envisioning Lab (yes…you knew that was coming ????) This was the first step and a whole different approach then what they had experienced before.


What is this ValueX Envisioning Lab? 

The Revenue Leader, IT and User(s) met with the congruentX team for 2 hours to go over the business, current state, identifying their current CRM struggles and identifying their desired outcomes.  At the end of these two hours the congruentX team goes back, puts together a suggested plan, and approach along with the projected ROI.


Prioritize Adoption

The business prioritized the first step as adoption. Instead of forcing everyone to dive headfirst into the complex CRM, they broke it down into smaller, manageable increments. Starting with essential functionalities the team needed to do their jobs effectively. Rather than overwhelming users with every feature, introducing these functions one at a time. Training sessions and support were readily available whenever someone had a question through the CX Pulse Subscription.

Sarah noticed the change. Instead of feeling lost in a sea of information, she found herself gradually becoming more comfortable with the CRM. Each new feature added value to her daily routine without overwhelming her. She started to appreciate how the CRM helped her track customer interactions, manage her pipeline, and prioritize her leads.


Increased Insights and Fueling Revenue

The increased adoption within the entire team led to a wealth of valuable insights in addition to fueling revenue. The Revenue leaders could now see the customer’s journey more clearly, identify bottlenecks in their sales process, and tailor their marketing efforts with precision. The data-driven approach provided a competitive edge they hadn't experienced before.

And what about Sarah? She transformed from a CRM skeptic into one of its biggest advocates. She realized that the system, once a source of friction and frustration, had become an invaluable tool for closing deals and fueling revenue. She now used it not out of obligation but because she saw the direct impact it had on her success.

And Jeff?  He felt like he had an AI coach helping him make great decisions on every call.  Jeff stopped dreading his sales calls with his manager.

Mary started to actually feel comfortable about her forecast every month and that the team was making decisions based on the playbooks - not just intuition out in the field.

It all started with removing friction from data collection so the CRM the team invested in could help the users be successful.

The story of Sarah, Jeff and Mary is a testament to the power of adoption. By taking small, manageable steps and prioritizing the experience, the company turned a once-resistant team into data-driven champions. With increased adoption came increased insights, and with those insights came the ability to make informed decisions that fueled revenue to new heights.


The moral of the Story is Clear.

Adoption isn't just about making your employees use a tool; it's about helping them embrace it, appreciate it, and leverage it to achieve common goals. When you prioritize adoption, you're not just implementing software; you're unlocking a pathway to success for your entire organization.  Turning CRM from Friction into Fuel.

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