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We use tools to improve productivity and reduce errors. For the sales team working on-field, low productivity or errors in finding the location means time and fuel wasted. Companies have recorded high costs adding up due to gas bills. The right tools can help you achieve better results and reduce costs. Here, we will talk about one feature of MappyField 365, i.e., route optimization. This feature comes as a boon for the sales team on the ground as well as for the companies who are trying to reduce costs.

Ready to journey through the world of efficient routes and seamless sales? Let's hit the road!

Optimizing Routes: Cutting Down Mileage and Costs

Every day, your sales representatives are on the move, meeting clients or delivering products. These commutes come with significant fuel costs, which only seem to climb with rising fuel prices. As businesses grapple with these expenses, solutions like MappyField's route optimization emerge as potential saviors. By making every mile count, route optimization ensures efficient travel and significant savings for your organization.

The Challenge without a Location Mapping Tool

Without a mapping tool, sales managers often manually create territories and allocate them to their teams. This hands-on approach can result in uneven territory distribution and even miss certain areas. Additionally, gaps might appear between territories due to this inefficiency.

Sales reps are assigned clients within these territories. In some cases, clients might be spread out, requiring more travel. Without a clear map or system, sales representatives might revisit areas.

For example, consider a sales rep traveling an average of 50 miles daily. With 100 reps on your team, that’s a whopping 5,000 miles daily. If inefficient routing causes just an additional 10 miles per rep, the extra mileage expense quickly rises. This non-optimized approach could lead to wasted miles, elevated fuel costs, and overall inefficiencies in operations.

Boosting Efficiency with a Mapping Tool

Mapping tools give sales managers a visual overview of all CRM data on a map, simplifying territory creation. The result? Well-balanced, comprehensive territories that don't overlook any region.

Once territories are set, sales reps receive a daily client visit list. But instead of guessing the routes, the tool crafts the most efficient route connecting all clients, avoiding routes with heavy traffic, roadblocks, and tolls.

Gone are the days of manually inputting addresses into Google Maps for every client meeting. With the added advantage of route planning, reps can see estimated arrival times, ensuring punctuality. This enhances productivity and minimizes excessive traveling, leading to reduced fuel costs.

Benefits Beyond Just Cost-Cutting with Route Optimization

Route optimization is not just for reducing expenses; its impact can be seen in various business operations.

  • Maximize Time Efficiency

MappyField's route optimization doesn't just suggest the quickest routes. It's smart enough to ignore high-traffic zones and road closures, ensuring sales reps spend more time sealing deals and less time on the wheel.

  • Elevates Sales Performance

Representatives can allocate ample time to each client with well-strategized routes, ensuring thorough product explanations and better customer engagement. This approach elevates sales numbers.

  • Energized and Efficient Team

MappyField 365 lets sales reps focus on what they do best: selling. This clarity in tasks and minimized road stress boosts team morale, fostering an environment of enhanced productivity and enthusiasm.


Making the best routes for your sales team is like giving them a super map. With Dynamics 365 map plugin, your team won't waste time or money getting lost or stuck in traffic. It's not just about saving fuel or time; it's about making every meeting count, keeping customers happy, and letting your salespeople focus on their meetings. So, why let your team wander around when the best path is clear? Think of route optimization as the ultimate GPS for business success. 

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