How Copilot Transforms Dynamics 365's Customer Service Hub

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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub is a reliable companion for customer service agents that streamlines case management and elevates the customer experience. With the introduction of AI and Copilot, the Customer Service Hub is undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

Copilot is an assistive technology that leverages the advanced technology of natural language processing (AI) to revolutionize the way customer service is conducted. This groundbreaking feature enables customer service agents to perform their tasks within the Customer Service Hub more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Here are two major ways Copilot is changing the game for Customer Service:


Case Summarization: Your Shortcut to Customer Needs in Seconds

Copilot's case summarization feature eliminates the necessity of sifting through endless case details, notes, and email threads. It condenses all the essential information about a case into a concise summary, allowing agents to quickly grasp the core details of a customer's needs. As new information is added to cases, agents can regenerate the case description on demand. This ensures that agents stay consistently up to date, allowing them to respond effectively to new changes in a customer's requirements.

Conversational Summarization: Elevating Customer Interactions

Effective communication with customers is at the heart of exceptional customer service. Copilot enables agents to summarize conversations, so communication is clear and current. With the power of generative AI, Copilot automatically generates concise summaries of chat and transcribed voice conversations. Armed with these summaries, agents can provide more personalized and quicker responses to create a seamless customer experience.

Ready to Save Time and Money with Copilot?

Copilot within the Customer Service Hub is all about efficiency, empowerment, and elevating customer interactions. With case and conversational summarization at their fingertips, customer service agents can navigate their roles with confidence and agility, ultimately delivering superior service and helping organizations reduce time on administrative tasks.

To see a Sales Copilot demo, click here.

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