CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: Digital Pricing Transformation Do’s and Don’ts

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Business Application Managers want to ensure smooth and efficient workflows for their sales teams. This involves selecting and managing sales automation tools to enhance their performance and close deals effectively. Sales technology aims to boost revenue, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software is a customer-focused solution aiding sales and marketing efforts, enabling better productivity and collaboration. A digital pricing transformation, using a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, is vital for achieving sales targets and organizational success. Let’s examine a list of 5 mistakes and 5 good ideas to implement when undertaking a digital pricing transformation using CPQ.

Top 5 Don'ts when Planning Digital Pricing Transformation with CPQ in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Don’t be caught by surprise when planning your digital pricing transformation. Here’s some battle-tested advice to ensure smooth sailing:

1. Avoid Overuse of Disconnected Tools

Relying on numerous separate tools leads to errors and frustration for sales reps. Tools that don't integrate cause inefficiencies due to manual data entry or copying. Consolidate your sales tools for seamless connectivity. DealHub CPQ, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, simplifies processes by eliminating data duplication and automating workflows.

2. Skip In-House Software Development

Building software in-house is best left to experts. Internal developers may not fulfill all requirements or scale the tool effectively. Purchasing proven technology saves time and ensures better functionality.

3. Plan for Scalability

Select a solution that accommodates future growth. Thorough research ensures a software solution that can adapt to changes and global operations. Flexibility to scale up or down is crucial.

4. Ensure Support for Complex Deals

Your system should accommodate deals of all complexities. Whether the deals you close are simple or intricate, the software should streamline processes and unite stakeholders, enhancing decision-making and customer satisfaction.

5. Minimize Manual Tasks

Reducing manual tasks prevents errors and administrative burden. Manual processes slow down sales, frustrate reps, and demand oversight. Automation enhances efficiency and accuracy.

5 Essential Steps for Digital Pricing Transformations with CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

After avoiding the pitfalls in planning your digital pricing transformation, focus on these 5 critical tasks that you “must do” to ensure a successful deployment of your plan. These guidelines optimize your sales process, minimize errors, and enhance buyer and seller experiences.

1. Involve Sales Reps in Tool Selection

Engage your sales reps in selecting new sales technology. Their input increases tool adoption, reducing reliance on old methods. Employee engagement rises when they have a say, boosting retention.

2. Balance Autonomy and Guardrails

Offer sales reps autonomy within set boundaries. CPQ software like DealHub maintains control through guided selling. Guardrails ensure adherence to margins and legal requirements, enhancing autonomy and focus on selling. Automated approvals keep the flow moving, letting sales reps get more done in less time.

3. Consider Maintenance

Choose tech solutions with manageable maintenance. Avoid heavy third-party reliance by assessing technology dependability, frequency of maintenance, and support availability. Ask yourself:

  1. Can you count on the solution to perform well with minimal intervention?
  2. With what frequency will it require attention?
  3. What proactive maintenance can be performed?
  4. Is technical support and assistance readily available?

4. Prioritize Low-Code Solutions

Opt for user-friendly,  low-code CPQ solutions for agility. Such capabilities allow power users, rather than a dedicated IT team, to adapt the solution to changing business needs, reducing technical debt, and modernizing operations.

5. Monitor Post-Implementation Performance

Track quoting speed and accuracy after deploying new software. If improved, reinforce positive changes; if compromised, invest in change management and prevention. Expert guidance from your CPQ vendor is invaluable here.

Streamline Your Sales Processes with a CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Incorporate these 5 "do's" for a seamless CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployment. Remember the overall 10 do's and don'ts to facilitate selection, implementation, and sales team adoption. Simplify tools to prevent sales frustration and disconnected processes. Address scalability and complexity concerns through open dialogue with sales teams.

Lastly, enhance sales efficiency by considering DealHub CPQ software. It reduces administrative oversight, empowers sales representatives, and adapts to unique needs through integrated tools. Your goal is a cohesive, streamlined sales process, driving success in a competitive market.

Want to deliver one fluid sales motion with DealHub and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales? Contact us today to get started.

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