Boost Your Dynamics 365 CRM Using the Entity Calendar of Calendar 365

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Every enterprise understands the importance of a systematic organization. In this aspect, calendars are more than just tools for marking dates; they're central to business operations.

Introducing Calendar 365.

Thoughtfully crafted, Calendar 365 offers businesses a trio of calendar types, tailoring to varied operational needs. While both the Customer Calendar and Resource Calendar stand out with their unique functionalities, this article shines a light on the adaptable and efficient Entity Calendar.

Completely modifiable to meet distinct business needs, the Entity Calendar is the modern tool for companies eyeing top-tier efficiency. From managing leads and overseeing case resolutions to even coordinating room bookings, the Entity Calendar is versatile and feature-rich.

Unveiling the Entity Calendar

The Entity Calendar, an integral part of Dynamics 365, provides businesses with an intuitive visual layout. This layout allows companies to seamlessly select and track any entity, whether it's leads, cases, or any other operational task.

Each entity is shown as a distinguished block connected to its set deadline. The visual distinction of colors for each entity's progress status makes tracking straightforward.

For example, when monitoring leads, the progression could be from stages like New, moving to In Progress, and finally branching to Follow-Up, Won, or Lost. Similarly, cases might take paths such as Open, In Progress, Pending, Resolved, or Closed. 

Improved Lead Management

In the Entity Calendar, leads aren’t just rows in a table. They are seen as colored blocks with a deadline and distinct status. This representation is miles ahead of traditional CRMs in terms of user experience.

Every lead's journey is visually mapped out, from the initial New tag, progressing to In Progress to Follow-Up, to Opportunity Won or Lost.

This graphical portrayal gives sales teams a holistic view without deepening into extensive databases. They can promptly identify priority leads, monitor smooth transitions, and recognize missed opportunities.

Efficient Case Management

Much like leads, cases on the Entity Calendar are visually distinct, offering clear insights into their current states. Such transparency ensures that support agents can distribute their tasks efficiently, leading to timely resolutions.

For management, this real-time visual data is invaluable. Users can monitor data and analyze performance metrics and areas needing strategy recalibration.

Entity Calendar’s Versatility

Beyond conventional CRM tasks, the Entity Calendar’s adaptability is its crown jewel. A practical example is its application in managing office room bookings. 

  • Consolidated Room Management: Managing conference room bookings effectively is challenging in large organizations. The Entity Calendar offers a clear visualization, with each reservation block displaying details like the booking time and the name of the person who reserved it.
  • Immediate Data Reflection: The calendar is dynamic, instantly updating with booking changes. This feature is a lifesaver in dynamic workplaces, ensuring no double bookings or miscommunications.
  • Collaborative Enhancement: The Entity Calendar fosters improved communication. Employees can check room statuses, align with colleagues on bookings, and efficiently plan meetings or events.


Calendar 365 bridges the gap between complex tasks and visual simplicity, ensuring businesses operate at their most efficient. With its adaptability, ease of use, and comprehensive features, the Entity Calendar of Calendar 365 is more than just a tool—it's an investment for better operational productivity. As businesses constantly evolve, having such intuitive tools becomes paramount. Experience the difference with the Dynamics 365 Calendar plugin’s Entity Calendar. Visit our website, for more information.

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