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WhatsApp CRM integration

The business world is constantly evolving, and effective communication is the core of success. For Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users, staying ahead in the game means embracing innovative solutions that enhance customer interactions and streamline communication processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has undoubtedly been a popular choice among organizations to manage customer interactions and improve overall efficiency. On the other hand, the widespread usage of WhatsApp for communication raised the need for seamless integration between WhatsApp and the CRM system.

This is where our new app WhatsApp4Dynamics integrating WhatsApp Business and CRM comes into play!

In this article, we will explore how WhatsApp4Dynamics revolutionizes customer engagement by providing the ultimate solution for WhatsApp integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

What is WhatsApp4Dynamics?

WhatsApp4Dynamics is a powerful add-on solution specifically designed to integrate WhatsApp Business Account directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Twilio API. This innovative solution enables businesses to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp directly from their CRM platform, streamlining their communication process and enhancing customer interactions.

Why WhatsApp Integration Matters?
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With WhatsApp4Dynamics, businesses can connect with customers on their preferred communication channel, providing personalized and prompt responses, leading to improved customer experience.
  • Efficient Communication: The integration eliminates the need for switching between applications, saving time, and ensuring a more efficient workflow for CRM users.
  • Centralized Customer Data: All WhatsApp conversations are recorded and stored within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, creating a centralized database for customer interactions, facilitating better data analysis, and decision-making.
Key Features of WhatsApp4Dynamics
  1. WhatsApp Conversation Manager in CRM

WhatsApp4Dynamics seamlessly integrates WhatsApp Business Account into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM interface! This makes it easy for CRM users to access WhatsApp functionalities directly from within their CRM system acting as a conversation manager.

For Example: With WhatsApp4Dynamics, a sales rep can seamlessly manage WhatsApp conversations directly within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM interface. As he or she can view the same information available on a WhatsApp UI such as profile name, mobile number, last sent message, status (whether sent, delivered, read, etc.), directions (outgoing/incoming) - and manage it all from one centralized platform!

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Two-Way Communication

The tool supports two-way communication, allowing businesses to send and receive WhatsApp messages from within their CRM. This feature enables speedy interaction with customers and provides an efficient platform for query resolutions.

For Example: A sales representative can use WhatsApp4Dynamics to send product information and promotional offers to potential clients directly from Dynamics 365 CRM. Additionally, they can receive and respond to customer inquiries, addressing their concerns promptly and building stronger customer relationships.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Automated Responses

WhatsApp4Dynamics comes with customizable automated responses that can be triggered based on specific CRM actions, ensuring prompt replies and better customer engagement. These Workflows can be configured easily on Power Apps.

For Example: If an order is updated in CRM, WhatsApp4Dynamics automatically triggers a response with the order confirmation, improving customer experience by providing quick updates without manual intervention.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Prompt Chat Notifications

Users promptly receive notifications about new incoming WhatsApp messages directly within the Dynamics 365 CRM platform! These chat notifications play a crucial role in keeping users informed, ensuring they can respond quickly to customer inquiries and other important messages.

For Example: Support agents receive quick chat notifications in Dynamics 365 CRM when a customer sends a WhatsApp message seeking technical support. This ensures that urgent inquiries are addressed promptly, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Create CRM Records from WhatsApp Chats

The intuitive chat interface allows users to chat from within CRM records, enabling seamless communication and effortless access to customer data during conversations. But that’s not all! Users can also create CRM records directly from WhatsApp chats, to ease the process and enhance overall efficiency.

For Example: A sales representative engages in a WhatsApp conversation with a potential lead. Using WhatsApp4Dynamics, they can easily create a new lead record in Dynamics 365 CRM directly from the WhatsApp chat, accelerating the lead generation process.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Track Communication with Historical Chat Sessions

Users can communicate with customers through WhatsApp from within CRM and store the entire conversation history as a chat session. By associating WhatsApp chat history with each CRM record, users can easily track communication and review past conversations whenever needed.

For Example: A customer support agent communicates with a client through WhatsApp4Dynamics, resolving their service-related issues. The entire chat history is saved as a session linked to the CRM record, allowing future interactions to be contextual and comprehensive.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Template Messages

The solution offers template messages that can be used for common customer interactions, saving time and ensuring consistency in responses. However, these templates need to be pre-approved by Twilio and configured beforehand.

For Example: A sales team can use WhatsApp4Dynamics to send promotional messages to customers. They can employ pre-approved template messages, such as seasonal greetings or special offers, to maintain a consistent brand voice and save time in crafting individual messages.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Contact Sync

WhatsApp4Dynamics syncs WhatsApp contacts with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, keeping contact information up-to-date and readily available. This means WhatsApp4Dynamics matches new chats with CRM records using their phone numbers. This helps you have better and more relevant conversations and provide personalized support.

For Example: Suppose, if a support team member interacts with a customer via WhatsApp4Dynamics. It syncs and maps the contact information of the customer with the records already available in the CRM, ensuring that interactions are linked to the correct CRM record and allowing for better customer segmentation and personalized support.

WhatsApp CRM integration

  1. Added Features

The above listed are just the top features, but WhatsApp4Dynamics does a lot more! Some of the added features include:

  • The ability to chat on WhatsApp from not just within the CRM system, but from inside a CRM Record.
  • The chat UI supports multiple languages & file formats.
  • Uses Twilio API, one of the most trusted & powerful communication APIs.

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WhatsApp4Dynamics is the game-changer for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

By seamlessly integrating WhatsApp into the CRM platform, businesses can unlock new levels of customer engagement, improve productivity, and enhance customer experience.

With its range of features, WhatsApp4Dynamics provides the ultimate solution for WhatsApp integration, helping businesses stay ahead in the competitive market.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your communication channel upgraded and take your sales and customer service to the next level.

Explore WhatsApp4Dynamics for FREE! Sign up for a 15 days trial by downloading the solution right within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM today from our website.

For more details mail us at crm@inogic.com today!

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