Dynamics App for Outlook Disappears in “New” Outlook

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Recently, we have had clients report that after enabling the new Outlook, the Dynamics App for Outlook no longer shows to be able to use Dynamics 365 through Outlook. Below is a screenshot of Outlook after the New Outlook is enabled. In the past, it would show on the ribbon but has now disappeared with this update.



To be able to use the Dynamics App for Outlook again, there are a few options. First, you can right click the email then click "Categorize" then "Tracked To Dynamics 365" and this will automatically put the email in Dynamics 365.

The next option you have is you can click the three ellipses dots on the email then click "Dynamics 365." This will open the Dynamics App for Outlook for this record and you can now "Track" the item to Dynamics 365.



Another option is to change the settings do the Dynamics App for Outlook shows on the email itself. To do this, click on the "Settings" symbol in the top right corner of Outlook then click "View all Outlook settings."



From this window, click "Mail" then click "Customize actions." This will pull up a screen of all the actions that you can add when you select an email to read. In this list, check the box for "Dynamics 365"...(Read full article on www.beringer.net)




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