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The Dealhub's Quote-to-Revenue (QTR) process is a new take on the Quote-to-Cash process and is crucial for dynamic businesses. It serves as the driving force behind revenue growth. When carried out effectively, it presents numerous opportunities to improve upon past performance. That's why grasping the concepts behind agile CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Billing solutions is key to streamlining the QTR process and driving business growth. Let's delve into the details.

Title Image: The Benefits of Cloud CPQ and Billing Integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales

The QTR Process Defined

The QTR process encompasses all the sales steps, starting from generating a quote to capturing revenue. It involves configuring products, determining pricing, creating proposals, securing approvals, invoicing, and collecting payment. This process is the core of any revenue-generating organization and significantly influences financial success. Implementing an effective QTR process is vital to improving a company’s bottom line.

Challenges in the QTR Process

Although the QTR process is an impressively beneficial system for any organization, it comes with its unique challenges, such as workflow inefficiencies, manual errors, approval delays, and lack of sales lifecycle visibility. Addressing these challenges early and consistently allows sales teams to avoid missed revenue opportunities and ensures the company maximizes its revenue potential.

Listing of Challenges in the Quote-to-Revenue process that CPQ and Billing integrated with Dynamics 365 resolve.

Streamlining the QTR Process with Billing Software

Billing software is crucial in streamlining and automating the QTR process, eliminating inefficiencies and reducing human errors. It enables faster turnaround times through the pre-approval of pricing configurations for quotes. Moreover, adopting a solutions-based QTR process enhances visibility between sales and finance teams, allowing real-time insights through dashboards and flexible reporting, thus optimizing workflow and promoting cross-team collaboration.

Unifying Sales and Finance

For optimal QTR process optimization, sales and finance teams must work together seamlessly. Agile billing software acts as a bridge, facilitating collaboration and empowering teams to hit their revenue goals through effective teamwork.

Improving the QTR Process with Solutions that Integrate with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Integrating Agile CPQ and Billing solutions into business processes brings numerous tangible advantages compared to traditional on-premises systems. Some key benefits that boost sales performance include:

Improved Sales and Billing Efficiency

Automation streamlines complex tasks like quote generation, complex pricing calculations, and contract management. Sales reps generate quotes in just minutes without sacrificing accuracy, and the team over in Finance generates invoices with a click and promptly collects payments.

Greater Flexibility

CPQ and Billing solutions make it easy to adjust pricing, product configurations, and discounts, enabling businesses to respond rapidly to market demands and keep ahead of their competitors.

High Scalability

Cloud-based solutions eliminate physical infrastructure limitations, allowing for the quick expansion of product catalogs, increased sales volumes, and the addition of new users as needed to accommodate business growth.

Reduced Operational Costs

Cloud-based solutions eliminate the need for large hardware infrastructure, expensive maintenance, and high upgrade costs, resulting in significant cost savings and the ability to invest resources into revenue-generating initiatives.

Data Accuracy, Transparency, Reliability, and Security

CPQ and Billing software in the cloud prioritizes data integrity, offering robust data management systems, accurate pricing, streamlined approvals, advanced security measures, and data encryption protocols for enhanced data protection.

Better Customer Experience

Cloud billing software improves accuracy and delivery speed, keeping up with changing sales trends and delivering a dazzling customer experience. Sales teams that can move quickly without sacrificing quality or service gain a competitive advantage while delighting clients.

Capturing Revenue Opportunities

Agile CPQ solutions eliminate manual errors and delays, ensuring all potential revenue is captured. Lightning-fast approvals, straightforward billing, and transparent, accurate pricing play a pivotal role in maximizing revenue potential.

Business Insights

Billing software provides deep insights into trends, sales performance, and product pricing effectiveness. Teams can make data-driven decisions and refine sales strategies for continued, steady growth.

List of benefits that Cloud CPQ and Billing integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales will provide

Best Practices for Choosing a Dynamics 365 for Sales Integrated CPQ and Billing Solution

To ensure the right fit for a business, it's essential to follow these best practices when selecting a CPQ and Billing solution:

  1. Understand specific business needs and objectives before exploring available solutions.
  2. Evaluate features and functionality through a Proof of Concept (POC) to ensure alignment with current business processes. Test drive the solution before committing to get a real feel for the solution's effectiveness for your use case.
  3. Prioritize security, compliance, and reliability by selecting solutions with robust security measures and a track record of compliance, warding off the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime.
  4. Research the vendor's reputation for support and ongoing maintenance – especially how they perform after go-live.
  5. Compare pricing models and payment options to ensure alignment with the company's budget and business model.
  6. Assess scalability and flexibility to accommodate future business needs.
  7. Review integrations and compatibility with external systems and applications, especially your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM.
  8. Pay attention to User Experience (UX) design to ensure ease of use and high adoption rates. You want your team to use it to the fullest extent possible!
  9. Explore customization capabilities to tailor the solution to the company's specific requirements.
  10. Consider the availability of training resources and documentation to facilitate quick adoption and maximize results.

DealHub CPQ + Billing: A Unified Quote-to-Revenue Solution

DealHub's CPQ + Billing platform revolutionizes the quote-to-revenue process, offering efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. By unifying sales and finance, streamlining processes, and uncovering new revenue opportunities, DealHub acts as the spark to ignite business growth.

DealHub provides increased control and compliance by ensuring end-to-end process accountability and compliance with SOC and SOX regulations. Its agility enables fast time-to-value and accelerated offer creation, empowering sales organizations with adaptable pricing structures. DealHub also offers a personalized customer experience by providing a virtual collaborative environment and centralized deal-related materials.

By following best practices and choosing DealHub's CPQ + Billing platform, businesses can integrate a comprehensive solution that aligns with their unique requirements, supercharging revenue and driving sales team success.

Want to learn how to deliver one fluid revenue motion in your organization? Contact us today to see DealHub CPQ and Billing Platform in action.


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