Avalara Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM: Simplify Recurring Billing and Tax Calculations!

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The global subscription and billing management market is booming, with a projected growth from USD 4.0 billion in 2020 to USD 7.8 billion by 2025, at a 14.0% annual growth rate. This is fuelled by the increasing popularity of subscription business models, the rising need for reducing subscriber churn and improving customer retention, and the growing demand for upgrading legacy systems.

But, what if you are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for your business operations and rely on Avalara - a leading tax calculation software, for your financial transactions? How can you then manage your subscriptions, recurring billing, and tax calculations efficiently and effectively?

That's where Inogic's Subscription & Recurring Billing Management Solution comes in handy. This solution integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM to automate and streamline the entire subscription management process and uses Avalara Avatax for your tax calculation!

Whether you want to auto-create and manage subscriptions, generate invoices and payment reminders, handle renewals and cancellations, or calculate taxes accurately, this solution has got you covered! With this solution’s automation features, you can enhance your customer experience, optimize your revenue streams, and reduce your compliance risks.

By integrating Inogic's Subscription & Recurring Billing Management Solution, businesses can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Simplify subscription management with a user-friendly interface and flexible configuration options.
  • Automate recurring billing with customizable billing cycles, payment methods, invoice templates, and reminders.
  • Ensure accurate tax calculations with Avalara's real-time tax rates and rules for over 16,000 jurisdictions across the world.
  • Reduce compliance risks with Avalara's automated tax filing and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with transparent billing statements and easy access to subscription details.
  • Increase revenue and retention with timely renewals, upsells, cross-sells, and discounts.

If you are still doubtful, here are the top reasons why you need Inogic's Subscription and recurring Billing Management Solution!

  1. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Ecosystem

Integrating with third-party tools outside the Dynamics 365 CRM ecosystem can be a challenge for businesses that want to adopt a new management system. However, Inogic's solution erases these concerns! This solution offers a simpler integration within the Dynamics 365 CRM platform, sparing businesses the nightmare of disruptive transitions. The plug-and-play solution not only saves time but also prevents data inconsistencies, fostering a holistic and accurate view of customer interactions.

  1. Navigating Complex Subscription Models

In an era marked by diverse subscription models, from tiered subscriptions to usage-based plans, flat fee pricing, per unit pricing and stairstep pricing - businesses encounter the arduous task of maintaining clarity and coherence across their offerings. Inogic's Subscription & Recurring Billing Management Solution empowers businesses to effortlessly structure and manage intricate subscription models. The solution's intuitive interface ensures that customers can readily comprehend their chosen plans, mitigating confusion and reducing subscription churn.

Avalara Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  1. Proration- Effortless Billing Modifications

Adapting to evolving customer needs often involves tweaking subscription plans or billing cycles. Inogic's solution simplifies this process, granting businesses the flexibility to make seamless billing modifications. Whether it's adjusting billing dates or accommodating mid-cycle plan changes, the solution's features empower businesses to align with customers' shifting requirements. You can also offer proration, which means you can adjust a customer's bill amount to reflect any changes made to the existing plan in the middle of a billing cycle.

Avalara Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  1. Taming Revenue Leakage

For enterprises, revenue leakage presents a persistent challenge that demands attention. Inogic's Subscription & Recurring Billing Management Solution incorporates workflow triggers to automate the processes, be it the billing process, the reminder process, or delayed charge process. Through this, you can meticulously track subscription lifecycles and billing activities. This proactive solution approach promptly identifies discrepancies, reducing revenue leakage while bolstering financial stability.

Avalara Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  1. Revenue Analysis Dashboard

The Revenue Analysis dashboard helps you monitor the performance of your organization by showing key metrics such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Churn Rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), etc. These metrics allow you to track and analyze the key performance indicators and profitability of your subscription business, as well as identify the areas of improvement and optimization. Also, by setting the Next Run Date in the configuration record, you can ensure that the data in the Metrics Tracking entity is updated daily and reflects the latest changes in your subscription business. This way, you can have a clear and accurate view of your subscription performance and make informed decisions.

Avalara Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM


In a marketplace where innovation and adaptability determine success, Inogic's Subscription and recurring Billing Management solution emerges as a cornerstone of transformation.

It empowers businesses to not only navigate the complexities of subscription management but to thrive within them. As the subscription market continues its upward trajectory, those who seize the potential of this solution will find themselves at the forefront of this remarkable journey!

If you want to experience this solution yourself, you can download it for a free 15-day trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

For more details, visit our online help site or watch this amazing video to see how this solution can transform your billing management with ease and efficiency.

For more information, feel free to contact us at crm@inogic.com for all your Dynamics 365 CRM subscription management needs.

Don't miss this opportunity and get ready for the future of billing management!

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