Unlocking Power Pages: The low-code platform for building modern, responsive websites

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low-code platform for building modern

Introducing Microsoft Power Pages, the user-friendly and customizable platform within the dynamic Power Platform ecosystem. Say goodbye to cumbersome coding as Power Pages empower businesses to craft tailor-made web portals that meet their unique needs effortlessly. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and extensive customization options, creating stunning web portals has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate data from various sources, ensuring smooth collaboration and flow. Safeguard your sensitive information with role-based security features, granting access to the right individuals.

Power Pages is a game-changer for organizations seeking to amplify customer self-service, foster partner collaboration, and enhance employee engagement. This versatile tool unlocks unparalleled efficiency and agility on your digital transformation journey. Elevate user experiences, streamline processes, and drive efficiency with the power of Power Pages. Join us as we dive into three captivating blogs, unveiling the secrets to maximizing this revolutionary platform's potential.

How to use Power Automate Flow in Power Pages

This blog post demonstrates how to efficiently use Power Automate Flow and Power Pages to achieve business requirements. It explains the process of creating a custom entity record called "Policy" related to contacts, with fields like Start Date, End Date, Name, and Contact. The blog provides step-by-step instructions, including creating a solution, configuring the flow trigger, adding steps, and setting formulas. It also guides readers on creating a page using Visual Studio Code and syncing the changes. Overall, the blog showcases the power and ease of using Power Automate for creating records with calculated values and logic.

Add Custom Buttons on Editable Grid within Microsoft Power Pages

This blog post explains how to customize forms in Microsoft Power Pages by adding custom buttons to editable subgrids. It walks through a business scenario where quotes need to be created for product requirements received from customers through a portal. The blog provides step-by-step instructions on configuring the process, including identifying the HTML structure, writing JavaScript code to add the buttons, using WebAPI for CRUD operations, and utilizing Power Automate flows. It concludes by highlighting the extensibility and customization capabilities offered by Power Pages.

Custom Pages: A step towards disappearing lines between Canvas Apps and Model Driven Apps

This blog post explains how Power Apps supports two design experiences: model-driven and canvas apps. Model-driven apps focus on data and are geared toward backend users, while canvas apps prioritize design and are intended for field users. Custom pages aim to unify these experiences, allowing developers to combine the best of both worlds. They can be added as standalone pages in the app navigation or called from a form using the client API. Custom pages provide a seamless user experience, and their integration eliminates the need to worry about technology or licensing. They offer a simpler way to create visually appealing UI solutions without the need for custom web resources or PCF controls.

In conclusion, the power of Power Automate Flow and Power Pages showcases their ability to streamline business processes and enhance user experiences. By harnessing the potential of these tools, users can create custom entity records, automate calculations, and implement logic with ease. Furthermore, the customization options offered by Power Pages allow for the addition of custom buttons on editable subgrids, empowering users to tailor forms to their specific needs. The introduction of custom pages bridges the gap between model-driven and canvas apps, offering a unified design experience that combines data-focused functionality with visually appealing UI solutions. With Power Automate Flow, Power Pages, and custom pages at your disposal, the possibilities for creating efficient and personalized solutions are virtually limitless.

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