Send Repeated Attachments in Dynamics 365 Email

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If you often find yourself sending emails from Dynamics that require attachments, you are likely familiar with the pain points of this process. It requires multiple clicks, you need to search for the correct attachments, and it opens the door for inconsistent file versions. So how can we give users a quick and simple way to send out consistent frequently used attachments? One way is by leveraging a combination of Power Automate and SharePoint.

Power Automate

The main driver here is Power Automate. A cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that allows you to create automated workflows between various applications and services. This will use connectors to bridge the gap between SharePoint and Dynamics behind the scenes.


The first thing we will need to create is a multi-select option set column on the email table in Dynamics. We will want to add a value for each attachment or set of attachments and take note of the numeric value associated with it. Next, we need to add a Frequent Attachment folder in SharePoint with a custom column to store the Dynamics option set value from the previous step.

SharePoint Folder:


Now that we have the groundwork set up, we can create the Power Automate Flow. This process will start with the user selecting the attachments they want from the Frequent Attachments column and clicking the send button.



Upon clicking the Send button, the system will check for any Frequent Attachments on the email. If there are any, the email record will be put into a custom Pending Attachment Status reason which will trigger the Flow. The Flow will then go and find any files in the SharePoint folder that corresponds to the Option set value(s). Then add them as attachments to the email. Once that is complete... (Read full post on



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