KingswaySoft Tools to Ensure Data Integrity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products

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Dynamics ERP and CRM users know that data integrity is crucial for any organization to manage its business processes and customer relationships effectively. To ensure clean and consistent data within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, KingswaySoft offers six powerful tools. In this article, we will explore their data quality solutions and discuss their significance in maintaining data integrity.

Part 1: Data Quality and Analysis Components for Dynamics 365

The first set of tools in KingswaySoft's arsenal for data integrity focuses on data quality and comparison. These components assist developers in achieving consistent and clean data within Dynamics 365. Let's take a closer look at each tool:

1. Address Parser

The Address Parser is an SSIS transformation component that standardizes and parses input address data. It ensures uniformity and accuracy in address information, leading to improved data quality and reliable address verification processes.

Address parser: Standardize and parse address data in Dynamics 365 for accurate and consistent information.

2. Address Verification Connection Manager for Dynamics 365

The Address Verification Connection Manager establishes a connection to address verification services like EasyPost and SmartyStreets. This integration allows users to validate address data and ensure its accuracy against trusted address verification sources.

Address Verification Connection Manager: Establish connections to address verification services for accurate address validation in Dynamics 365.

3. Address Verification

The Address Verification component, working in conjunction with the Address Verification Connection Manager, validates address data from an input source. It checks for accuracy, provides corrections for erroneous addresses, and fills in missing data, ensuring reliable and up-to-date address information within Dynamics 365.

Address Verification: Verify address accuracy and provide corrections for reliable data within Dynamics 365.

4. Data Profiler

The Data Profiler is an SSIS data flow component that performs data analysis and comparison. It enables developers to analyze data from multiple sources, compare rows, and generate insightful reports on data quality and consistency. The Data Profiler outputs valuable information to aid in decision-making and identifying data discrepancies.

Data Profiler: Analyze and compare data from multiple sources for enhanced insights and improved data quality in Dynamics 365.

Part 2: Data Comparison and Duplication Detection Components for Dynamics 365

The second set of tools provided by KingswaySoft focuses on data comparison and duplicate detection, further strengthening data integrity within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Let's delve into these components:

5. Difference Detection

The Diff Detector component is a data flow component used to compare data between old and new inputs. By defining key fields for comparison, it identifies changes, deletions, and additions in the data, allowing for effective tracking and synchronization of data within Dynamics 365.

Diff Detector: Compare data inputs to track changes, deletions, and additions within Dynamics 365.

6. Duplicate Detection

The Duplicate Detector component scans a data source to identify potential duplicate rows. By applying various match types, such as Exact match or Fuzzy match, it compares data fields and helps identify and eliminate duplicate records within Dynamics 365, enabling efficient data cleansing and maintenance.

Duplicate Detector: Identify and eliminate duplicate rows to maintain clean and reliable data in Dynamics 365.

Part 3: Leveraging KingswaySoft Tools for Data Integrity in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The tools offered by KingswaySoft play a vital role in ensuring data integrity within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here's how businesses can leverage these tools effectively:

Consistent Data Quality

By utilizing the Address Parser and Address Verification components, organizations can standardize address data, validate addresses against reliable sources, and maintain consistent and accurate address information within Dynamics 365.

Improved Data Analysis

The Data Profiler component empowers businesses to perform in-depth data analysis, comparing and contrasting data from multiple sources. This tool enables decision-makers to gain valuable insights, identify data issues, and take proactive measures to enhance data quality.

Reliable Data Synchronization

The Diff Detector component facilitates seamless comparison and synchronization between old and new data inputs. By identifying changes, deletions, and additions, businesses can ensure data consistency across different versions and maintain an accurate record of data modifications.

Duplicate Data Elimination

The Duplicate Detector component helps businesses identify and remove duplicate records from their Dynamics 365 environment. By applying intelligent matching algorithms, businesses can eliminate redundant data, enhance system performance, and improve the accuracy of customer and transactional data.


Remember, data integrity is the foundation for successful business operations and customer relationship management within Microsoft Dynamics 365. KingswaySoft's suite of data quality and analysis tools, along with data comparison and duplication detection components, provides robust solutions to ensure clean and consistent data. By leveraging these tools effectively, businesses can enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and maximize the value of their Dynamics 365 implementation.

Contact us today and let us help you achieve higher data quality and reliable synchronization, ultimately driving organizational growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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