How visualizing 1:N, N:1, and N:N Dynamics 365 Relationships in a Mind Map View improves your CRM Productivity!

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Dynamics 365 Relationships in Mind Map View

Efficient data management and streamlined access to information are crucial for Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to manage their customer interactions. As businesses scale, the web of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM record relationships becomes more complex with 1:N, N:1, and N:N record relationships, and it becomes challenging to navigate through multiple levels of record relationships to gather relevant data.

Traditionally, understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM record relationships required navigating through multiple entities and records, resulting in a time-consuming process.

Meet Rock, a Sales Manager who has to go through the same hardships to make sense of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM record relationships. This process took away a lot of time that Rock could have spent on his core work, which is coaching sales representatives and establishing sales territories and strategies.

If, like Rock, you also wish for a solution that can help visualize various record relationships in a single and simplified view, eliminating the need for extensive navigation.

Then no worries! You can now simplify comprehending relationships in a single view with Inogic’s Map My Relationships app.

Map My Relationships is a Microsoft AppSource preferred solution that can help you visualize Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Record 1:N, N:1, and N:N relationships and connections in a Mind Map View. It also enables users to drill down further through N-level relationships of a particular entity to access associated entity records, all in a single and unified view.

Mind Map View dynamics 365

Users can easily navigate to related records and quickly add various activities like phone calls, emails, or appointments for the associated records directly from the Mind Map View itself. Users can get information at a glance, which aids in Quick decision-making and eliminates the need for switching between various records.

Benefits of viewing 1:N, N:1, and N:N Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM record relationships in a Mind Map view:

Enhanced Data Visualization:

Mind Map view presents the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Record connections and relationships in a concise and organized manner in a Mind Map View. This visualization helps users gain a deeper understanding of how records are related and how they impact each other.

Efficient Record Navigation:

Users can navigate through related records more efficiently. Instead of opening multiple records on multiple screens, users can simply click on a connected record node in the mind map to access the desired information. This saves time and effort, especially when dealing with complex relationships involving multiple records.

Improved Decision-Making:

When making decisions related to customer interactions, having a clear overview of related records is crucial. The mind map view allows users to analyze the impact of their decisions on other related records. By visualizing the dependencies and connections, users can make more informed choices, ensuring that they consider all the relevant factors before taking a decision.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The mind map view offers a collaborative platform where team members can collectively visualize and discuss record relationships. This shared understanding promotes effective communication, coordination, and collaboration among team members, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Customizable Views:

The mind map view in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can be customized to fit specific requirements. Users can choose which record relationships to include, modify the layout, and personalize the visual elements according to their preferences. This flexibility allows users to create mind maps that align with their unique workflow and information needs.

Mind Map View dynamics 365

For example, if James, a financial advisor at a generational wealth management firm, wishes to visualize client Allison Brown's family structure, he can add a Map My Relationships control to the contact form and visualize Allison Brown's whole connected family structure in a mind map view.

This will give financial advisors a 360-degree perspective of critical data in a single view, allowing them to communicate complex family structures to clients in a simple and quick manner.

Mind Map View dynamics 365


Incorporating a mind map view for visualizing 1:N, N:1, and N:N record relationships in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM brings several benefits to users. It enhances data understanding, simplifies navigation, supports better decision-making, streamlines data management, fosters collaboration, and offers customization options. By leveraging the power of visual representation, organizations can optimize their CRM workflows and achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness in managing customer relationships.

There is much more to Map My Relationships than this. To explore all its exciting features, you can visit our online help site.

If you are interested in trying the app for your data visualization needs, you can download the app for a free trial of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

To get a personalized app demo or to clear any queries about visualizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM record relationships in a Mind Map view, don’t hesitate to mail us at

PS: If you wish to visualize your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records in a Kanban view, then you’re in luck with Inogic’s Kanban Board, a Microsoft AppSource preferred solution for visualizing any entity or record (OOB or Custom) in a Kanban view. Users can keep track of project progress and get an overview of the work status for each task at a glance.

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