How Gamification Helped Two Sales Professionals Turn Rivalry into Healthy Competition!

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How Gamification Helped Two Sales Professionals Turn Rivalry into Healthy Competition!

In the world of sales, competition is often fierce! Sales professionals strive to outperform each other, surpass targets, and earn recognition. However, sometimes this rivalry can turn sour, creating a toxic work environment.

In this article, we will delve into a fascinating story! We will highlight how Gamifics365 - the ultimate sales gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users, helped two sales professionals transform their rivalry into healthy competition, fostering personal and professional growth!

The Rivalry Begins

Meet John and Sarah, two talented sales professionals working for a prominent company called InfoPeople Tech in New York. Both were driven, ambitious, and always vying for the top spot.

Their competitive nature, while initially motivating, soon turned their working relationship into a constant clash of egos. Tension filled the office, affecting not only John and Sarah, but also their colleagues.

InfoPeople Tech Introduced Gamifics365

Recognizing the need for a solution, InfoPeople Tech decided to indulge in sales gamification! However, they wanted to adapt a technique that applies game elements to non-game environments.

They choose to introduce Gamifics365 by Inogic in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM that aims to enhance motivation, engagement, and productivity by leveraging the inherent human desire for achievement, recognition, and reward.

Implementing Gamifics365 in Sales

The company's management understood that gamification could provide the much-needed boost to revitalize John and Sarah's rapport. They implemented Gamifics365 in Sales Hub within Dynamics 365 CRM and incorporated elements like point systems, leaderboards, badges, and rewards. This system was designed to create a fun and competitive atmosphere while encouraging collaboration and growth.

Here are some ways in which Gamifics365 was implemented within the sales team to drive productivity, boost morale, build rapport and eventually achieve better sales results!

  • Set Clear Objectives & Goals

One of the fundamental steps in implementing Gamifics365 within a sales team was to establish clear objectives and goals. The solution helped Create Games, Set Game Rules & Set Badges and Rewards as per the key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the overall sales strategy.

Also, Gamifics365 allowed the company to configure and Set Players in order to motivate specific team members, have measurable targets and a clear direction.

sales gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Create Leaderboards & Competitions

Leaderboards became effective way to foster healthy competition not just between John and Sarah, but within the entire sales team. Gamifics365 displayed real-time performance rankings and incentivized individuals to outperform their colleagues, which lead to increased productivity.

sales gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 2

  • Rewarding Achievements & Milestones

Recognition and rewards played a crucial role in maintaining the motivation of sales professionals. Gamifics365 implemented a reward system that acknowledged achievements and milestones to further motivate. Each player could view their points and rewards. Moreover, by celebrating successes, sales teams felt valued and appreciated, leading to higher levels of engagement.

sales gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 2

  • Real-Time Feedback and Performance Metrics

Real-time feedback and performance metrics are essential for continuous improvement. Gamifics365 provided immediate insights to sales representatives and their superiors about their performance, allowing them to identify areas for growth and make necessary adjustments. They could access this information across mobile devices using Gamifics365 Mobile App. Regular feedback, both positive and constructive, helped the reps track their progress and stay motivated to achieve better results.

sales gamification for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM 2

The Transformation Begins

At first, John and Sarah were skeptical about the effectiveness of gamification. However, as they immersed themselves in the new system and used Gamifics365 in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, they discovered its potential to change their perspective. The leaderboards ignited their competitive spirit, and the points and rewards motivated them to push their boundaries.

Gamifics365 did not only relit John and Sarah's enthusiasm but also had several other positive effects. Such as:

  • It fostered a healthy sense of competition, replacing animosity with admiration for each other's achievements.
  • They shared goal of reaching the top of the leaderboard shifted their focus from personal rivalry to collective success.
  • It improved communication and collaboration among the sales team.
  • They started sharing strategies, discussing successful approaches, and collaborating on projects to maximize their overall performance.
  • The game-like nature of the system created a sense of camaraderie, strengthening the team's bond.


The story of John and Sarah exemplifies the transformative power of gamification in the workplace. What started as a toxic rivalry evolved into healthy competition, fuelled by Gamifics365 within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM environment the gamified sales system.

Gamification not only boosted their performance, but also enhanced their personal growth, teamwork, and overall job satisfaction.

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