Announcing New Feature in Dynamics 365 Map: Live Chat for Better Communication with On-Field Agents

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Live Chat feature in MappyField 365! With this feature, managers in the office can easily connect with agents who are out in the field. It will give on-field agents real-time support and information, making their work more efficient.

As we know, effective communication is essential for successful operations. With MappyField 365's Live Chat, we have made it easier for managers and on-field agents to communicate instantly and securely within Dynamics 365. This feature revolutionizes how you manage field operations, enabling you to share images, documents, and more while on the move.

Managers can see whether an on-field agent is online, offline, or away. Similarly, on-field agents can also see the activity status of their managers or peers.

By using Live Chat, you eliminate the need for separate communication channels. It saves valuable time for the field agents and ensures everyone has the information they need. All conversations on chat are saved, allowing you to revisit them when required. It becomes easy to find documents, images, reports, and more from the chat.

The Live Chat feature in MappyField 365 will transform how you manage your field operations by improving communication and collaboration. Our goal is to empower your on-field agents and enable them to make informed decisions in real-time.

To know more about the Live Chat feature of Dynamics 365 Map and how it works in the web view and mobile application, book your demo with our product experts. You can contact our sales team at or visit our website at

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