What is the Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator?

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The Sales Accelerator is part of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights. It is used by sales managers and representatives to stay on top of their leads and opportunities by staying organized and prioritizing tasks.

This tool provides a tailored experience for sellers, helping them minimize time spent searching for the best customer to reach out to next. It guides sellers through customer interactions, helps them prioritize their pipeline, and reach out to customers who are most likely to buy.

The Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator empowers sellers to:

  • Work faster and smarter with a prioritized list of the next best lead or opportunity.
  • Analyze a phone call with detailed insights. It provides a rich report summarizing core highlights and addressing sentiment throughout the conversation.
  • Manage and view records that include activities due in the next 30 days. It is sorted by priority and removed after an activity has been completed.
  • Spend more time talking to customers and less time hunting for information across various tools as it is all within your CRM, in one centralized area.
  • Build stronger relationships with customers by customizing workspaces, identifying customers who need attention, and knowing how to engage.

Learn more about how to use the sales accelerator by watching the detailed presentation above, or visiting this blog.

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