Webinar: Don't Let a Deleted Record Ruin Your Day: Learn How to Restore, Clone, and Export Your Dynamics 365 CRM Data!

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1 click apps webinar

Have you spent countless hours manually restoring deleted records, cloning information, or exporting data from one app to another only to lose your valuable time & data?

We've got you covered! Join us in this webinar to learn how 1-click apps can revolutionize your workflow and increase productivity in the workplace.

Effortless tasks are the way of the future!

Discover how 1-click apps can streamline your daily operations as we delve into the exciting world of 1-click apps:

Wed, 28th June 2023 - 4 PM AEDT & 11 AM EDT

Click2Clone, Click2Export & Undo2Restore are apps designed to automate and simplify the process of creating and restoring files in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with just a click!

By providing compatibility and interoperability, these apps ensure that your current workflow won't be disrupted.

Undo2Restore (Microsoft Preferred App):

  • Undo the last Dynamics 365 CRM record change in 1-click.
  • Multiple records can be restored in bulk!
  • Minimize workflow disruption by retrieving deleted or modified files.
  • Undo2Restore's audit logs allow you to access previous version files.
  • Alerts and notifications about recovery status and more...

Click2Clone (Microsoft Preferred App):

  • You can quickly duplicate records with 1-click cloning.
  • Based on your specific needs, configure cloning rules.
  • Automated cloning of related records.
  • Duplicates multiple records at the same time to simplify bulk cloning.
  • Customize naming convention for duplicated records by setting prefixes and suffixes and more..

Click2Export (Microsoft Preferred App):

  • Multiple formats available for exporting SSRS Reports/Excel Templates/Word Templates.
  • Exports can be scheduled or triggered based on CRM conditions.
  • Automate export processes and reduce manual labour.
  • Attach exported Report/Word templates as Note against the records.
  • Easily upload reports/word templates to SharePoint.
  • Online CRM view of data as a tabular report.
  • Auto-schedule emails with Word/Excel templates, CRM views, and reports and more..

Make the most of the 1-click apps listed above by registering now!

Take part in our Webinar for some valuable tips and guidelines on how to adopt these 1-click apps successfully!

We are here to help you find the right apps for your specific needs, guide your team on the products, and most importantly, help you make an impact!

We will ensure seamless integration and optimal utilization of these 1-click apps with the knowledge and insights you need. Don't miss out on these productivity apps!

Download our 15-day FREE Trial from our website or Microsoft AppSource today!

Check out these videos to see what Click2Clone, Click2Export & Undo2Restore will do for you.

We are looking forward to a great session, so let's catch up soon!

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