The Ultimate Guide to Route Optimization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service!

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Welcome back, Techies! We hope the latest chapter of our blog series, ‘Maplytics as a successful add-on to Microsoft Dynamics Field Service’, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: A Guide for Resource Scheduling Management was an interesting & engaging read for you! After successfully covering, Enhanced functionality with Integrated Maps and A Guide for Territory Management for field service improvement, we are here with A Perfect Plan for Route Optimization! Let’s dive in!

Setting up the theme

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service facilitates the plotting of optimized travel routes within the resource scheduling feature. Hence, when the scheduling manager is plotting the appointments for the day for his resources, the corresponding travel routes get automatically plotted on the map.

Route Optimization in Dynamics 365

As seen in the above screenshot, two appointments for the same client get mentioned twice but the travel route shows two meeting venues at the same location. The routes get revised as the scheduling person adds in the meetings for the resources in the schedule. The travel routes of all the scheduled resources can be plotted over the map and visualized simultaneously. The routes are optimized and hence, shortest in terms of the travel distance or time of travel.

How can Maplytics add-on to this established arrangement?

As we have seen in the previous chapters of this Blog Series, Maplytics, the 5-star rated app on the Microsoft AppSource is a geo-mapping app within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and it can be used to extract more output from the existing functionality of Dynamics 365 Field Service. So, when we add Maplytics with the Routing function of Dynamics Field Service, it offers the following enhancements to the existing function-

  • Toll-free, Highway-free, and Traffic-free routes
  • Radius Search
  • Along the Route Search
  • POI Location and
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation
Enjoy Toll-free, Highway free, Traffic free routes

In Field Service, the routes get plotted automatically and they are the shortest possible in terms of time/ distance covered. With Maplytics, the scheduler can select the option of avoiding tolls, traffic, and highways from the available checkboxes. Thus, the optimized routes generated avoid all of the above conditions and are the best possible in the given situation. These routes can be saved and used again in the future.

Radius Search

When the field rep is already on the field and following the plotted route, he may have to face canceled/postponed meetings, a meeting wrapping up earlier, or some time to spare before his shift ends. The rep can at such times use Maplytics, use the Radius/ Proximity Search option, select his GPS locations as his current location, provide a radius value for the distance/ time he is willing to travel, and get the clients around him plotted on the map.

Route Optimization in Dynamics 365

The rep can himself add the clients available for a meeting into his schedule and organize ad hoc meetings! Doesn’t it sound cool? His Scheduler/ Manager too would be able to do the same for him.

Searching Client Along the Route

When the rep is following a plotted optimized route, he can search for clients and leads on the way and visits them in between or plan meetings with them in the future.
The saved routes can then be used for easy navigation.

Route Optimization in Dynamics 365

POI Search

While on the go, the rep needs places like restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. to refresh, recharge, even kill extra time, or address some urgent work. Without diverting from the set, optimized route, the rep can select his place of interest and search for any of the above places and more near him!

Route Optimization in Dynamics 365

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

The traffic-free, stress-free, optimized routes come with an added plugin. They all possess turn-by-turn navigation directions. These end-to-end directions can be freely followed for navigation, shared over emails, and even printed out for better/ future use.

Route Optimization in Dynamics 365

A small addition can make a huge difference and make life easier. If Dynamics 365 Field Service is a platter of cheese, Maplytics is that wine that enhances its flavors more. Stay tuned for the last chapter in the series, almost on its way!

What’s More?

To get acquainted with Maplytics in-depth and experience it first-hand, one can write to us at To explore the product more, with a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with our Team.

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Until then,

Перейти Команда! By the way, Maplytics supports 10+ languages!

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