Service Provider App for Abu Dhabi Property Management Company

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Assisting a Property Management Company in overseeing their maintenance operations through a Custom Service Provider Mobile App


Property Management
Property Management

About Client

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the company is a dynamic, diversified investment company with a variety of key growth sectors, including real estate, hospitality, education, and capital. It has a diversified local and international investment portfolio, and a team of dedicated professionals who are supported by partnerships with international consultants in finance, investments, and legal matters. These partnerships bring knowledge and technical expertise to help the company achieve its long-term objectives.

The Problem

The client’s existing process lacked a centralized system, making it challenging to manage assets and maintenance requests effectively. The asset identification method used was cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring a more streamlined approach.

Additionally, the Landlord Team (LLT) faced difficulties in conducting asset inspections and logging maintenance calls using the current system. Lack of real-time communication and data synchronization between the field service engineers and the main system, and suboptimal customer satisfaction levels due to a lack of transparency and accountability hampered productivity and responsiveness in the company.

They required a Custom Mobile App solution for both iOS and Android platforms that seamlessly integrates with SAP to handle asset management and maintenance calls efficiently.

They needed a feature within the app that enables customers to easily sign off on completed work and provide feedback through surveys. The app should have functionalities to manage asset inspections, record observations, and generate detailed inspection reports.

• Industry
Property Management

• Technologies
iOS Framework
Android Framework
Dot Net Framework
Rest API

• Solution
Custom Mobile App for iOS and Android

• Efforts and Duration
3 Months

• Current Phase
Live & Under Support Contract
• Users
Total Users: 100

The Solution

To meet the client's requirements, our development team created a Custom Mobile App to be used on both iOS and Android platforms. The required app integration with SAP was achieved by managing assets and maintenance calls more efficiently. The Custom Mobile App was developed with a user-friendly interface that allowed the service engineer to easily access all necessary functions.

SAP Integration:

• A secure connection was established between the Custom Mobile App and SAP to synchronize asset and maintenance data in real time.
• Relevant information was retrieved from SAP, including asset details, work orders, service history, and spare parts inventory.

The QR code scanner feature allowed assets to be easily identified, and maintenance calls can be logged quickly and efficiently.

Asset Management Functionality:

• The device's camera was utilized to scan QR codes on assets, quickly retrieving asset information and service history from SAP.
• Asset inspections were enabled, allowing the LLT to perform inspections, record observations, and generate comprehensive inspection reports.
• Maintenance requests were logged and their progress was tracked in real time, ensuring prompt resolution of issues.
• The spare parts inventory was accessed to check availability and order necessary parts for maintenance tasks.
In addition, the LLT was able to use the Custom Mobile App to perform asset inspections and log calls when necessary, and keep track of maintenance requests.

Landlord Team (LLT) Capabilities:

• Asset Inspections: The Custom Mobile App functionality empowered the LLT to conduct inspections, capture asset conditions, identify maintenance needs, and schedule repairs if necessary.
• Call Logging: Logging maintenance calls, and ensuring all issues are documented and resolved promptly was easy with the call log functionality
• Task Assignment: The LLT could now assign maintenance tasks to service engineers based on their availability, expertise, and proximity to the assets.

Service Engineer Capabilities:

• Work Orders: Service engineers were provided with a clear overview of assigned work orders, including task details, location, and asset information.
• Task Tracking: This functionality allowed service engineers to easily update the status of their tasks, record work performed, and track time spent on each task.
One of the key features of the Custom Mobile App was the ability for customers to sign off on completed work and provide a survey. This ensured that the customers were satisfied with the work that had been done and gave the service engineer valuable feedback.

Customer Engagement:

• Work Request Submission: Customers were able to submit maintenance requests directly through the Custom Mobile App, providing essential details and attaching relevant media.
• Real-time updates were provided to customers about the progress of their maintenance requests, including the estimated arrival time of service engineers.
• Work Sign-Off and Surveys: Customers were able to sign off on completed work, ensuring transparency and accountability. They were able to share feedback through surveys to continuously improve service quality.

To ensure that the Custom Mobile App met the client's needs, the Zelite development team worked closely with the client throughout the development process. Regular updates and feedback sessions were scheduled to ensure that the client's requirements were met and issues were resolved quickly.


Flow Diagram of Service Provider Mobile App
Flow Diagram of Service Provider Mobile App

Key Benefits and Features:

• Synchronized asset and maintenance data in real-time.
• Relevant information retrieval from SAP
• Custom Mobile App compatibility for both Android and iOS
• Work order placement and task tracking for Service Engineers
• Assigning tasks, logging calls, and asset inspection became easier for the LLT
• Achieving customer satisfaction with easy request submission and real-time updates

Final Words

The Custom Mobile App solution developed by Zelite seamlessly integrates with SAP, providing a robust asset and maintenance management system for service engineers, customers, and the LLT.

By incorporating QR code scanning, work sign-off, customer surveys, asset inspections, and call logging, ensured streamlined processes, enhanced communication, and improved overall efficiency.

With this comprehensive solution, the client can now optimize their asset management, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure prompt resolution of maintenance issues.

Our mobile app solution fulfilled the client's requirements for a comprehensive asset and maintenance management system compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Zelite specializes in developing Custom Mobile Apps that cater to the specific requirements of our clients. With extensive expertise in mobile app development for various platforms, including iOS and Android,
Zelite delivers robust and user-friendly solutions that optimize business processes, enhance customer engagement, and drive digital transformation.

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