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Save Storage Space and Costs Automatically Move Microsoft Dynamics 365

Storing email/sales literature/notes attachments directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can result in performance issues as the database grows larger and storage space becomes inadequate.

Additionally, as businesses outgrow the default storage capacity provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365, the cost of storing all those attachments can significantly increase. It's worth noting that storage costs for Dynamics 365 have varied over time.

This has led businesses to realize the importance of moving Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM attachments to Cloud Storage.

Need for Moving CRM Attachments to Cloud Storages

Inadequate storage space in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can result in poor performance, particularly when it comes to searching and retrieving records. Furthermore, purchasing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM storage space might be costly, especially if you need to store a significant amount of data.

Below table shows various Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM storage capacities and their additional storage costs.

Type of Storage Capacity Additional Storage Cost
CRM Database $40 per GB/month
File Storage Capacity $2 per GB/month
Log Storage Capacity $10 per GB/month

Moving attachments to cloud storage can provide benefits such as optimized CRM performance and cost-effective solutions for CRM document management.

Need for Dynamics 365 CRM Storage Management Solutions

Manually moving your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM attachments to cloud storage can become an arduous and time-consuming task. It can also put your document management process at risk of human error.

The need of the hour is a storage management solution that can automate the process of moving attachments to the cloud. which can help users resolve document/storage management challenges and spend more time on their core work.

This is Where Attach2Dynamics Comes In

Attach2Dynamics is a Microsoft AppSource preferred solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM storage space and cost management. It can migrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM email/sales literature/notes attachments in real-time to multiple cloud storages like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage.

Using Attach2Dynamics to store important Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM attachments on the cloud is more cost-effective than buying additional Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM storage. This solution not only saves storage costs but also ensures data integrity.

Key benefits of using Attach2Dynamics:

  • No need to manually move attachments to the cloud
  • Cost-effective storage solution for Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Backup all your attachments with easy access
  • User-friendly interface for seamless file management
  • Control user access to documents stored in folders on cloud

Let’s learn more about the useful features of this amazing storage solution:

Attach2Dynamics storage/document management Features:

Connect Dynamics 365 CRM with Multiple Cloud Storage

Users can use Attach2Dynamics to smoothly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage. They can migrate email, sales literature, and Note attachments to desired cloud storage using a seamless user interface in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM without switching between multiple apps.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud

Create Folders

Create folders on SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to move and store email, sales literature, and Notes attachments using Attach2Dynamics UI. You can also automate the process of creating folders for respective entities on cloud storage.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud

Create Document Security templates

By creating security templates, sales managers can define permissions for user actions in configured cloud storage on the selected documents and folders. This helps to improve the security and confidentiality of data. This feature of Attach2Dynamics can help sales managers control and grant user access and permissions for document management, such as uploading, downloading, emailing, copying links, and deleting in SharePoint, Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage, etc.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud

Email Files as Links and Attachments

This feature allows users to add links to files stored on the cloud directly in the email body or attach documents stored on the cloud directly in the email body. It also enables users to attach multiple files in a single email.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud

Bulk Move History Attachments

Using Attach2Dynamics, you can migrate historical attachments to the cloud and save storage space and costs. Saving attachments on the cloud can help you keep an organized record of attachments on the associated cloud storage. And by moving history attachments, you will also no longer have to delete important attachments to save storage space. Additionally, now you can easily access these backed-up files with a few clicks using Attach2Dynamics UI.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud

Migrate Email Attachments in Real Time

Email attachments consume most of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM storage space. With this feature, users can automatically migrate attachments in real time to configured cloud storage.

Dynamics 365 CRM Attachments to Cloud


In conclusion, by using Attach2Dynamics App, you can get the benefits of secured document access, reduced storage costs, and optimized CRM performance.

Not convincing enough!

Here’s what ‘Mike Moorehead’, one of our clients, has to say about Attach2Dynamics:

“First and foremost, Inogic has been a great partner to work with. We needed a solution to conserve storage in CRM and utilize SharePoint for email attachment storage. The ability to access attachments is seamless for the user, and the app works as advertised. I will be happy to be a referral for this application if anyone has questions.”

To know more about what our clients have to say about us, you can go to our testimonials page.

You can download the app from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a 15-day free trial. To experience the app first-hand and evaluate it for your functional needs.

To learn more about the features of Attach2Dynamics, check out our online docs site.

Feel free to mail us at to get a free personalized demo of the App or discuss the best solutions to resolve storage management challenges in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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