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Location Intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

“It’s okay if you cannot speak well, learn to become a good listener first”, one wise woman

Team Maplytics follows this quote religiously. We listen to the advice, complaints, and suggestions of all of our clients, partners, and visitors regularly and strategize to act on them. Why? Well, to make the product worthwhile for the users and to enhance their geo-mapping experience within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

May 2023 release is an important feather in the grand scheme of things.

Intriguing enough? Curious to get into the details? Come, let’s go!

Area Of Service

Ever called up a food outlet for an urgent office delivery and got a revert saying, we do not deliver in that area? Irritating, right? Especially when you’ve skipped breakfast and the morning coffee! Such a problem could be avoided with the additions in this Maplytics release.

The existing function of Area Of Service is used to enable a user to view the data in a set proximity or a region around an individual record selected by the user. With the additions, the users can now determine an area in which services are being offered and also be able to visualize the records that lie in that area. Cool, ain’t it!

Consider the case of a Doctor, the Area Of Service helps in determining the region in which he is operating or offering his services. Patient records that fall under this service region can also be visualized. From a Patient’s POV, they can visualize all the doctors that offer services in their area. This helps the patients in selecting the nearest available doctors and the doctors to check the patients falling in their area of work.

The feature can be understood in-depth here.

Plot by Shapefile within the By Drawing option

Customized Data visualization is a necessity of any organization aiming at a location-based business strategy.

There are five different ways to plot & visualize CRM data on Map with Maplytics-

  • By Location
  • By Region
  • By Drawing
  • By Shapefile
  • By Territory
  • By Template

Within the ‘By Drawing’ Option, a ‘By File’ Option is now available in the drop-down. Yes, a new plotting option within an existing one. Sounds like the inception of plotting options, right?

Maplytics new features

This option helps the user to plot data by uploading any of .zip, .shp, .kml, or. geojson files and filtering records on the plotted shapes as per the uploaded file. Thus, the user can visualize records as per their requirement within a specific shape. Decision-making becomes easier if not faster with the preferred data plotted.

Maplytics adds new features

Search Record

The ‘Find My Car’ Alarm is a savior when searching for a parked car in a parking lot of a mall. The newly added Search Record feature within Detail Map eases it for a user to find a specific record on the map by entering its primary attribute.

Once the records have been plotted on the map, a search bar is enabled at the top center of the map view. This search bar can then be used to find any specific record from among the plotted ones using the primary attribute of Account name/ Industry/ Contact, etc.

Maplytics adds new features

Maplytics adds new features

Maplytics adds new features

This search zooms the map to the area where the record that is being searched is plotted. The associated pushpin enlarges a bit and blinks in continuous succession to highlight its position from among the records. Que interesante, verdad?

Detail Map Control for Dataset

The users avail this control by adding it to any entity dataset or dashboard and visualizing all of the records of the view, sub-grid, or dashboard on a map. The May 2023 release has a Data Grid, Lasso Tool, and a Mass Actions option appended to it. Here is a look at each of them.

  • Data Grid – All the records of the view are listed in the Data Grid. The check box against the records can be ticked to utilize the records for operations.

Maplytics adds new features

In case a particular record needs to be selected, it can be filtered out from all the records of the view by adding a suitable keyword

Maplytics adds new features

  • Lasso Tool- The user can use this interesting, new tool to select a bunch of records together at once. The records will get selected in the data grid and be available to perform multiple activities such as plotting routes with them, saving the view, creating activities for them, or sending mass emails to them.

Maplytics adds new features

  • Mass Actions – Mass Actions can be performed on the selected records. They could be added to a travel route, the selected data set could be saved, activities could be created for these records such as meetings, events, etc., and emails could be mass sent to them with information.

Maplytics adds new features

These three additions can be explored here in much detail.

Batch Processing Tool

The workflows for Geocoding and Territory Assignment designed can be used on a day-to-day basis for addresses that are changed or added occasionally. However, for bulk geocoding/territory assignment on data, Team Maplytics recommends the Batch Processing tool.

The May 2023 release has seen significant alterations to the user interface of the tool. The tool can be logged in with the credentials of a CRM User from the premise or online. The Non-Geo coded Records now have a separate view called ‘Non Geocode’ for Batch Geocoding for all the available Entities. All the non-geo-coded records of multiple entities can thus be processed together in a go.

Here is a glimpse of the new interface. The details can be explored here.

Maplytics adds new features

Search Record On Mobile

This feature is similar to the one added in the core functionality. After plotting records, a particular record can be searched by typing the primary attribute and getting prompts for records. The selected record gets highlighted and zoomed. The zoom level gets set accordingly.

                  Maplytics adds new features            Maplytics adds new features

Data Grid On Mobile

The plotted records are visible in the Data Grid at the bottom of the screen. They could be filtered out by adding appropriate keywords in the ‘Filter by keyword’ bar. Mass Actions can be performed on the selected records in the grid.

                    Maplytics adds new features             Maplytics adds new features

What’s More?

The interesting enhancements of the May 2023 Release can be availed by the users by downloading the solution from the Maplytics Website or the Microsoft AppSource.

To get more acquainted with Maplytics and experience it first-hand, one can write to To explore the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or the Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

Until then,

Happy Mapping with May 2023 Release!

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