Instantly Connect with Onfield Team in Dynamics 365 Mapping Tool

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Why miss out on opportunities when you can provide instant support to the sales agent and change the game?

If you are able to maintain proper communication with the on-field team, you can bring a quick resolution to a lot of queries. 

Without a live chat feature in the Dynamics 365 map tool, sales agents have to navigate between multiple apps to get answers.

The Live Chat feature allows managers and on-field agents to connect instantly, enabling real-time discussions of challenges, and sharing valuable information.

Let’s explore how beneficial a Live Chat feature can be.

  • Quickly resolve your queries 

With Live Chat, on-field agents no longer have to wait or rely on emails or phone calls to seek guidance or resolve queries. They can directly connect with managers in real-time, ensuring prompt attention and issue resolution.

Whether sales agents encounter a complex task, a technical challenge, or a customer query, Live Chat empowers them to receive immediate support.

On the other hand, if managers have any updates they want their sales agents to know before a meeting, they can instantly share them through live chat.

  • Sharing Documents and Images

Managers may need to share important documents with sales agents before a meeting, or agents may want to share documents with managers after a meeting for future planning; whatever the scenario, Live Chat makes it convenient to share crucial documents and images with peers.

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

The Live Chat feature significantly enhances efficiency and productivity in field operations. Agents no longer need to interrupt their workflow or waste time searching for information or solutions independently.

Instead, they can instantly connect with managers, reducing downtime and improving their decision-making capabilities. As a result, sales agents receive instant resolutions and can quickly move on to their next task without wasting time.


The Live Chat feature in a location mapping tool enables seamless communication and collaboration between on-field agents and managers. The instant query resolution, real-time insights, and streamlined information sharing enhance the productivity of your field agents. Therefore, this exclusive feature can help your teams achieve better outcomes in today's dynamic and competitive business environment.


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