How to Optimizing Financial Processes with Dynamics 365

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How to Optimizing financial processes with Dynamics 365


The finance sector uses expensive and time-consuming processes for everything from tracking invoices to upholding regulatory compliance. These difficulties continue to affect businesses all around the world and are made worse by uncertain times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance comes with expanded core functional capabilities and possibilities to automate routine tasks. These assist finance organizations in making their financial processes more efficient and agile and ensure compliance with evolving accounting laws. Read below to know dynamics 365 development and optimization for a financial process:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is suitable for big or diverse businesses. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that runs in the cloud, and it enables you to maintain track of all of your inventories and finances.

Microsoft officially licenses it as two self-sufficient apps, even though the majority of users and consultants still refer to it as Finance & Operations:

  • Dynamics 365 Finance: Contains accounting, project management, financials, and budgeting for large, global businesses.
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: This includes engineering, production, distribution, and warehousing.

The 2-app licensing simply implies that you can decide, based on your business procedures, whether or not each user has access to one or both apps. Your dynamics 365 development partner can assist you in selecting the right license configuration for your needs.

Optimize Financial Operations

  • Automation and simplification of compliance with asset leasing 

The majority of businesses nowadays are dealing with difficulties and forming plans they didn't anticipate. Companies do not have time to worry about responding to changes in accounting standards in these circumstances, but they also cannot risk ignoring them.

You can automate and modernize your financial operations, as well as decrease finance risk with Dynamics 365 Finance. The asset leasing option will decrease manual errors and save you time. The automatic lease status updates will help you in comprehensive monitoring and analytics and estimates of net present value, lease interest, and future cash payments.

  • Safeguarding your revenue

It is important to collect income and prevent lost or delayed consumer payments. The following abilities concentrate on speeding up procedures and highlighting results in terms of credit and collections.

  • Task creation for automatic collection:

To automatically create tasks and email reminders, create a rule-based collection strategy using invoice data like payment forecasts, due dates, and amounts. The possibility of on-time payments rises, incoming cash flow is improved, and collections agent's time can be freed up to work on high-value tasks.

  • Touchless email reminders:

Email reminders will be sent automatically to clients who are on a list of accounts with overdue invoice information in an attempt to reduce late and missing payments.

  • Reduce costs and adapt quickly.

Companies are becoming more global and spreading their footprints across more regions, which increases operational complexity and risk. A growing problem is ensuring compliance while adjusting to rapidly changing laws.

The obstacles posed by some of the most manual, error-prone, and time-consuming financial operations are meant to be reduced by doing modifications.

  • Automating vendor invoices:

Automating the processing of vendor invoices can help you save time and money by allowing touchless, straight-through processing. Use metrics and analytics on the outcomes to give insight into the condition of the invoice processing, identify inaccuracies, and help them quickly identify and resolve problems.

  • Add-on for Dynamics 365's electronic invoicing:

Governments are increasingly using electronic invoicing as an essential component in tax digitalization. Governments can fight fraud and tax evasion by mandating businesses to electronically transmit real-time tax information to tax authorities.

Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management have electronic invoicing capabilities expanded by the Electronic Invoicing add-on. In order to get consistent experiences across different geographies for the processing and exchange of electronic invoices, you can get the help of dynamics 365 development services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations key features and advantages

  • Supply Chain Management:

D365 F&O offers end-to-end capabilities for supply chain management, including procurement, inventory, warehouse management, and transportation management. With AI-driven insights, you can channel your supply chain, communicate securely with suppliers and clients, and increase the accuracy of your order.

  • Financial Management: 

The dynamics 365 development includes the ability to manage your finances with sophisticated accounting and financial management features. You can manage your cash flow with real-time data, improve financial reporting with built-in analytics, and automate your financial procedures.

  • Project Management:

D365 F&O offers project management features that make it simple for you to plan, follow, and complete your projects. Real-time insights enable resource management, progress monitoring, and project profitability enhancement.

  • Manufacturing:

Production process management and production schedules are made possible by the strong manufacturing capabilities provided by D365 F&O. With real-time visibility, you can manage your production costs, increase manufacturing efficiency, and enhance quality control.

  • Business intelligence:

D365 F&O has reporting and built-in analytics features that let you get useful insights into how your company is performing. To promote business growth, you can develop dashboards, customize your reports, and communicate your findings to your team.

Tricks and tips for improving F&O speed 

  • Include using built-in functions to avoid system problems and optimizing time-consuming data searches by adding Microsoft SQL indexes.
  • When modifying D365F&O, take into account the performance impact. Use Performance Centre (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+Q) to enhance output using Microsoft's tips.
  • Maintain simple designs with no more than 75 fields and five tabs, and give read-only fields. Eliminate features like the Social Pane, Timer controls, Quick View forms, and charts that aren't used.
  • Keep web resources in tabs that are collapsed and prevent rendering on mobile clients.
  • To get the best performance out of D365 in the cloud, select the proper configuration and size of virtual machines. The Premium package, which includes many cores, RAM, and SSD storage, can be the best solution.
  • The four cores and 28 GB of RAM in the DS12V2 series can be an affordable option. For the best outcomes, configure it with three SSD storage discs of 128 GB each or two discs to reduce the cost of your cloud subscription.

Final thoughts

In order to satisfy your unique business demands dynamics 365 development company can customize your solution by optimizing the financial process. Dynamics 356 can also be expanded to meet your company's demands. As your company grows, it is simple to add new functionality, ensuring that you always have the tools necessary to remain competitive.

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