How Dynamics 365 Map Can Help Insurance Companies

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Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for the insurance industry. Many insurance companies are utilizing digital solutions to streamline their processes and reach a wider audience. With the help of tools like MappyField – a Dynamics 365 map plugin, they can assist on-field agents in optimizing their routes to meet with clients in a timely manner. This tool also allows tracking of agent location, task management, and gaining insights about potential leads and prospects from any location.

By using Dynamics 365 mapping tool, insurance companies can improve their customer relationships, effectively manage their schedules, and overcome the various challenges they face in the industry.

Large Amount of Data

The insurance industry needs to gather a significant amount of data to manage its internal and external stakeholders effectively. Managing this data can be a challenge due to legacy systems, broken data, and multiple sources. Manual data input can also result in inaccuracies, improper categorization, and missing data. However, to address these issues, it is necessary to refine, format, and organize the data for easy retrieval.

One solution to this challenge is to automate the data management process, which can help streamline the workflow. A CRM system can be utilized to store customer data, and linking it with a mapping tool can help visualize the data, providing a clear picture of the leads, customers, teams, and other stakeholders on the map.

Customer Engagement

Insurance agents often struggle to effectively engage with customers and attract new ones because they may not understand their customers' preferences or behaviors. Without this understanding, they risk selling policies in the wrong way. To gain insight into their customers, agents need to create territories and use them to analyze the behaviors of their target audience.

The Dynamics 365 map plugin can help agents create these maps and identify customers nearby them even while on the go. Heat maps can also be used to analyze the effects of strategies. Thus, it helps in providing insights into user behavior and helps agents make more informed decisions. So, if a customer leaves at a particular stage, agents can analyze the history and take appropriate action from the user journey. Using this tool, agents can better understand their customers and customize their approach to attract and retain them.

Productivity of On-field Employees

The biggest concern for managers in various sectors, such as banking, IT, and insurance, is to keep track of their on-field representatives and their tasks. Due to their fieldwork, representatives find it difficult to update their managers on every detail, which leads to a communication gap. Furthermore, managers cannot appreciate their representatives' achievements or monitor their performance as they cannot show their progress.

To overcome this, Dynamics 365 Map can be integrated to track the representatives' real-time location and manage their tasks and working hours without disturbing their focus on getting customers. Thus, by avoiding interruptions, managers can facilitate their representatives' work and maintain their productivity.

In addition, helping your agents optimize their routes can save them time and resources. By providing them with driving instructions, traffic updates, and information on hotspots, they can visit clients more efficiently and quickly. This can also help reduce fuel expenses and enable you to monitor your sales reps' activities more closely.

Another useful tool for maximizing performance is the radius search or proximity search feature. This allows you to analyze different territories and determine which areas need to be targeted for better sales. By understanding what types of policies customers are purchasing in each area and what strategies are most effective, you can implement a more targeted approach to increase sales.

How Dynamics 365 Map Can Help You

Faster Results

Instead of having to search through multiple systems and spreadsheets for the data you need, MappyField allows you and your representatives to view all necessary information on a single map. 

Error-Free Data

You can easily apply filters and search for data by specific areas, proximity, user data, and more. With this feature, you can create custom views based on categories and entities to understand the success or failure of your strategies.

Helps Marketers

A uniform approach is no longer sufficient as customers have unique characteristics. Using our Dynamics 365 Map to plot demographics such as age, income, etc., your agents can customize policy plans and premiums to match customer segments. Additionally, you can share this valuable data with your marketing team to improve results.

Work on Regional Requirements

The map's features, including heat maps and radius search, can help you identify trends and detect gaps in your strategy. For instance, you can use the tool to investigate why a marketing campaign may not be effective in a specific area or to analyze which policies customers are purchasing in a particular region.

Allocate Resources Wisely

In the past few years, the way people purchase insurance policies has undergone a significant shift, with many opting for online transactions while others still prefer the traditional face-to-face approach. With MappyField, you can identify which approach works best in which areas and allocate the appropriate tasks to your team based on their performance.

Stay in the Game

The days of working just from the desk are over. People now prefer to stay connected while on the move. Dynamics 365 Map allows you and your representatives to work from your mobile phone, enabling you to access upcoming meetings, locate prospects, and find nearby connections. You can also keep track of your on-field representative's schedules and provide assistance with features such as route optimization and territory management, whether you are in the office or on vacation.

To know more about MappyField, visit our website, or contact our sales team at To have hands-on experience with MappyField, you can also enroll for a free trial.

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