Syncing Field Service Technician Bookings To Outlook Calendar

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Satish from aha apps introduces Ram Kiran, a Dynamics CRM/Field Service developer, who has been working on a problem related to syncing field technician jobs or tasks to the Outlook calendar. Currently, the client is unable to view these jobs in Outlook. They discuss the impact of the deprecated feature, which is used to automatically sync bookable resource bookings to Outlook. This feature allowed users to see appointments, tasks, and contacts in Outlook when integrated with Dynamics 365.

The impact of not syncing these bookable resource jobs to Outlook is that users who are not licensed for Dynamics 365, such as those on the organization’s business side, are unable to view the technician’s availability or tasks through the Outlook calendar. This limitation prompted the need to find a solution.

To address the issue, Ram and his team created appointments for each job along with the relevant information. These appointments are synced with Outlook within 10 to 15 minutes, allowing everyone in the organization, regardless of their licensing status, to view the bookings in the Outlook calendar.

By leveraging Microsoft’s main features, the team successfully fixed the problem, enabling all users to see Outlook bookings. The client is pleased with the solution, and the conversation concludes with gratitude and well wishes for the next interaction.


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