Challenges Faced by Onfield Sales Team and How to Overcome Them

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Coordinating with a remote workforce, maintaining constant communication, and reducing the factors that can impact their productivity is difficult.

Sales reps play a vital role in offering the best customer experience as they are the representative faces of your company. You want to ensure that nothing goes wrong or else it might show a negative impression of your business.

MappyField 365 is the perfect solution for all these challenges. It is a geo-mapping plugin for Dynamics 365 CRM users. Here we will talk about the challenges and how MappyField can help you overcome those.

Challenges while defining sales territory

The major challenge that sales reps face while targeting new leads, is that they often enter each other's territories. This can create tension between sales reps and an unhealthy relationship with their colleagues. 

However, with MappyField 365, it becomes easier to define and manage territories. Territories can be assigned to respective sales reps. When they have access to leads in their territory, it automatically eliminates the risk of crossing boundaries. Managers can keep updating territories when required to ensure every sales rep has enough work and, at the same time, no one is overloaded.

Appointment Conflicts and Improper Utilization of Time

Appointments are one of the important parts of sales reps' work. If the customer is unable to attend the meeting, it gets canceled. This meeting time is wasted for sales reps. MappyField 365 can help you manage sales reps' time and maintain productive hours. 

Managers can plan sales reps' schedules and share them with their teams. The reps can plan in advance and book an appointment accordingly. This will ensure full utilization of their time. In case the meetings get canceled, MappyField has a feature called proximity search, using which reps can find another customer around their current location. They can schedule ad-hoc meetings right from their phones.

Finding Routes

Sales reps are always worrying whether they will reach the meeting location on time or not. If due to some reason, they reach late, it makes a negative impression on customers, and the meeting might get canceled due to customers' unavailability beyond the decided hour.

The major reasons behind reaching late are mostly traffic and improper route direction. Here is where MappyField 365 can help your sales team. Once the visits are planned, managers can create the optimized route on MappyField 365. The route is shared with the sales reps, which they can access from their mobile. With these routes, one can avoid traffic, roads under construction, and anything that can cause delays. The map gives turn-by-turn navigation for an updated route.

Unable to find the nearest POI

Sales reps are out the whole day, and they need good restaurants to eat, gas stations to refill the tank, or access to transportation, cafes, etc. When visiting unfamiliar regions, they find it difficult to find the POI along the way.

MappyField lets them search their POI along their route. Sales reps don’t have to take an out fo the way detour to get the tank refilled. They can find anything that falls on their way. They can add it as a stop, and the app will give them turn-by-turn directions. 

Managers can share new leads that fall their way. This way, the prospect can be approached quickly, and sales reps do not have to travel far away for the meeting from their predesigned route.


Now that you know the common difficulties faced when coordinating with field agents include, communication gaps, inefficient scheduling, lack of real-time updates, and difficulty in tracking live locations, you can make an informed decision about investing in a tool that can help you overcome it.

Dynamics 365 Map, a plugin within Dynamics 365 platform, can help you address these issues. Its features can help you streamline the process. Real-time updates with MappyField 365 ensure that managers and sales reps have up-to-date information, improving customer satisfaction.

So if you want to overcome the challenges faced by your team, integrate MappyField 365 with your Dynamics 365 CRM. To know more about the product, book a live demo with our product experts. They will walk you through the product and explain the use case of all the features. We also offer a free trial for you to explore the product and have a hands-on experience.

Contact our sales team at or visit our website, for more information.

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