4 Ways Startups Can Leverage Appointment Scheduling Automation to Grow Business

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Startups face numerous challenges in managing their time effectively while managing multiple tasks and meetings. One area where startups often struggle is appointment scheduling. 

Owners spend precious time and effort exchanging emails to book appointments with clients, partners, vendors, and other stakeholders. 

However, by leveraging appointment scheduling automation, startups can revolutionize the way they manage their time and grow their businesses.

If you want to expand your reach and networking opportunities, plan working hours strategically and reserve time for plan execution. Here is when an automated appointment scheduling platform can help you out. Calendar 365 will integrate with your Dynamics 365 CRM so that you can use all its features within the CRM, including appointment scheduling.

  • Expand your reach and networking opportunities

When starting new, you must invest a lot of time in meeting people and making new connections. It could be customers, partners, vendors, employees, etc. 

If you don’t have a proper palace to manage all these appointments, you might not be able to make the best use of your time. This is something that entrepreneurs often complain about; managing time wisely while conducting miscellaneous tasks.

Meeting links in Dynamics 365 calendar make it easier for recipients to book appointments when they find your business interesting and like to know more about it. It avoids the back and forth of emails to book a time slot for a meeting that works well for both parties.

  • Plan your working/available hours

Communication with the team is essential when you are on a new mission. Canceling, postponing, or avoiding in-house meetings to meet customers, vendors, or stakeholders outside the office is not the ideal solution.

You need a way to manage your day in a way where you are able to give enough to everyone around you. Poor management is the rotten seed; you cannot expect faithful, strong relationships out of it.

Planning strategically is extremely important. You need to set aside certain hours in house meetings, restrict certain days when you have important discussions and tasks to complete, and keep buffer time to always be well prepared for the next task. 

With Calendar 365, you can sync your Google and Outlook calendars with the Dynamics 365 CRM; so that you have all the appointments from different platforms visible on Calendar 365.

  • Reserve some time for plan execution

You would spend much time conducting meetings and planning your next move. But you would need time to execute all those decisions. Owners often make the mistake of not reserving enough time to focus and complete the task without interruptions.

So, if you want people to not disturb you when you are doing your best work, sharing your availability with a house team can help you.

You can make a private calendar view to share with a specific set of people so that they know you will be busy during the said hours. 

If you have any available time in the day when you are okay to take appointments, add it to your calendar and share your personalized link. It will make it easier for others to figure out that you would only be available during these hours.

Thus, you are to keep certain events in your day private, and if you have available slots, you can share them.

  • Automate reminders and follow-ups

You have numerous appointments and meetings to keep track of. With so much going on, there are chances of forgetting important details or overlooking follow-ups with clients or partners. As a result, you would miss an opportunity that any startup would ever want for themselves.

Calendar 365 can come to the rescue by automating reminders and follow-ups. With the right tool, you can set up automated email and pop-ups to ensure that you and your clients are well-prepared and on time for meetings. These reminders can significantly reduce no-shows and help you maintain a positive impression.

Reminders help you stay organized, communicate, and ensure that you don’t miss out on important details and tasks.


Time is a valuable resource that should be utilized efficiently. Calendar 365 is an invaluable tool to optimize time management and enhance overall business operations. 

By using personalized meeting links, startups can effortlessly expand their reach and networking opportunities, allowing potential customers, partners, and stakeholders to book appointments conveniently. 

Moreover, by strategically planning working hours and sharing availability with teams, startups can ensure everyone's time is respected and dedicated to meaningful tasks.

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