[Video] Maintaining Business Continuity through Acquisition: A Benefit & Insurance Brokerage's Success Story with HSO & Microsoft

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Are you encountering obstacles in maintaining business continuity as your company expands through mergers and acquisitions?

Are you finding it difficult to onboard new teams, integrate different technologies and data sources, and ensure scalability for future growth?

As a global benefit and insurance brokerage, you are in the position to grow through the acquisition of brokers, advisors, wealth advisors, asset managers, and teams of people.

Every time you make an acquisition, business continuity is threatened:

  1. Threat: Employee attrition
    Strategy: Make the transition seamless – reducing pain and retaining talent
  2. Threat: Overly customized technology
    Strategy: Standardize data sources for a scalable platform that supports the onboarding process
  3. Threat: Unqualified technology partners
    Strategy: Partner with HSO, an M&A expert that understands the global landscape

"HSO is the gold standard for partner relationships. They have made the IT team look great in front of the end users."

SVP of Information Systems,
global benefits and insurance brokerage

By utilizing HSO's integrated technology frameworks, which are based on reliable Microsoft products and tools, the company successfully resolved issues related to onboarding, disparate technology, and data sources.

global commercial Insurance Benefits Broker and Wealth Manager acquisition strategy
Find out more about a global commercial Insurance Benefits Broker and Wealth Manager that relies on Dynamics 365 to support their acquisition strategy.

The outcome? The customer now possesses a scalable platform that can expand alongside the company.

Don't allow growth hurdles to impede your business continuity. Place your trust in HSO, an established expert in integrating M&A technologies for financial services organizations. We possess the expertise and solutions necessary for your success. Countless companies like yours have benefited from our assistance in eliminating threats to business continuity and achieving seamless growth.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to uncover the strategies for overcoming these challenges by choosing HSO and Microsoft as your guardians of business continuity.

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