Three Helpful Features of Canvas Apps to Accelerate Your App Development

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3 Helpful Features of Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps have revolutionized the way businesses and individuals create and customize their own applications. With their user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, canvas apps provide a powerful platform for various tasks.

The features of a canvas app can greatly enhance productivity in various ways. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and customizable features, canvas apps allow users to design and develop tailored solutions for their specific business needs.

Canvas app empowers users to optimize their work processes, save time, and enhance productivity in a dynamic and user-friendly manner. Nonetheless, in this article, we will particularly explore three some helpful features of canvas apps that make them indispensable tools for modern businesses.

1. Display, Search & Filter Data Table

The Display, Search, and Filter data table function in a Canvas App allows users to present, search, and filter data in a structured and organized manner.

It provides a visually appealing interface to showcase tabular data, making it easier for users to understand and analyze information.

Users can search for specific data by entering keywords in the search bar, which filters the table to display matching results.

Additionally, they can apply filters to narrow down the data based on specific criteria such as date ranges, categories, or other custom parameters. This functionality enhances the user experience by improving data accessibility and enabling efficient data exploration and analysis.

2. Fluent UI Framework

Incorporating the Fluent UI framework in a Canvas App provides a powerful set of tools and components to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

Fluent UI offers a wide range of pre-designed controls, layouts, and styling options that can be easily integrated into the app.

These components ensure consistency and coherence across different screens and enhance the overall user experience. The Fluent UI framework also provides responsive design capabilities, enabling the app to adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and orientations.

By leveraging Fluent UI, developers can improve app development, maintain a modern and polished look, and deliver a user-friendly interface that aligns with Microsoft's design principles.

3. Relate and Unrelate

The Relate and Unrelate functions in Canvas Apps enable the establishment and removal of relationships between different data sources or tables.

The Relate function allows users to link records from one table to another based on a common field or key. This relationship helps in organizing and presenting data in a more meaningful and interconnected way.

On the other hand, the Unrelate function allows users to remove the link or relationship between two tables. This can be useful when certain records are no longer relevant to each other.

By utilizing the Relate and Unrelate functions, Canvas App developers can create dynamic and flexible data models that enhance data organization and user experience.


If you are looking for a way to create custom apps quickly and easily, canvas apps are a great option. They are powerful, versatile, and easy to use. Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from these apps due to their flexibility and customization.

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