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Modern Business Technology Applications today give organizations the tools they need to be more productive and have access to critical business data.  Utilizing this data to spot trends and visual information is paramount to gaining better visibility into a company’s operations.  Companies in the past have relied on Office tools from Microsoft such as PowerPoint and Power BI. Now with technological advancement to connect both; Better Business Visualizations can be achieved with Microsoft Power BI and PointPoint Connected! Below is a summary of Power BI's new enhancements announced:

Power BI and PowerPoint Integration: 

The Power BI integration with PowerPoint is a game-changer for data visualization and presentation. With the ability to easily add interactive visuals and generate text narratives, users can create dynamic, data-driven presentations that are sure to engage their audiences to make it easier for companies to enhance presentations with useful data and insights.

Single Power BI Visual:

Businesses can now paste a Single Power BI Visual into the PowerPoint add-in. This feature can even occur when users want to add just a single chart to a slide.  Furthermore, all the capabilities currently available for reports are also available for single visuals.

In Power BI, simply right-click the visual itself or open the visual’s More options (…) menu, choose Share, and then use the new Open in PowerPoint to get a link. The link that is generated points to the visual and includes all the filters that are currently applied.

Smart Insights:

Smart insights give you the ability to quickly generate text that summarizes the data in your slide, making it easier to communicate key insights and findings. With Smart insights, you can quickly and easily create compelling stories from your data without any manual data analysis or writing.

You generate Smart insights from the Data Actions menu in the add-in footer. The option is available for the whole report page and individual visuals. The text generated by Smart Insight can easily be added to your slide, helping you clearly explain the data and highlight the relevant insights.

What’s New:

Technology enhancements are rapidly occurring to streamline business processes.  Users can now discover new releases and enhancements with the new “What’s New” Banner.  Simply select the “Find out More” Link to pen “Features”. This will direct you to the learning page to tell you more.  By doing so, you will never need to miss out on new capabilities to help you create stunning, data-driven presentations.

With the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint, you can enhance your data storytelling in PowerPoint with live, interactive Power BI data. Not only will the data shown in your presentations be always up to date, but also, while you're presenting, you'll be able to filter and drill down on data in response to questions and feedback from your audience without having to switch contexts.

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Posted by iCepts Technology Group, Inc. a Microsoft Power BI Reseller and Consultant in Pennsylvania,

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