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We have extensive experience in the ecommerce portal space. Therefore, when a client offering audio devices, PC, and gaming accessories wanted to work with us to get a secure portal, we had just the answer. 

The client had a comfortable budget and wanted the best experience for their customers. They are spread over 11 countries, with customers all over the world. So we recommended our Dynamics WordPress portal to them, with all the bells and whistles. 


The client came in with multiple requirements for the front-end store and support. The eCommerce store needed a single sign-on option and streamlined ticket management for the support portal.

  • Shop

They wanted their Magento customers to be able to use the support website without registering on the support site and also that the customer information should sync between CRM and Magento in real time. 

  • Support

They needed a self-service portal in WordPress where customers could create support tickets and resolve problems with streamlined communication. Other requirements included:

  • A multi-language portal support
  • Communication language preference while communicating with the support team.
  • Language-specific email template
  • A single Dynamics CRM connectivity for multiple support websites.  


The customer wanted a single solution to manage both the shop and the support site. So, we customized the CRM to manage the Magento Shop site and the WordPress support site with multi-language features. 

For Shop Site:

  • We developed API calls in Shop (Magento), Support (WordPress), and CRM to manage real-time data sync.
  • When a user registers in a Magento shop site, the data is automatically created in the CRM and can be accessed for the support site. Similarly, if a user doesn’t exist in Magento but exists in the CRM, the credentials can be used for the Magento site. 
  • We also provided default portal access to all the new users and contacts so they can use the same credentials to access support and shop sites. 

For Support Site: 

  • We made customizations in the CRM to manage the WordPress site.
  • We added a ticket management feature in the portal so customers can see tickets and submit new ones along with emails and notes used to communicate. 


With our solution, the client is able to manage both - shop and support site from one place. Their customers can use the same credentials to purchase a product or access the portal. The result is that they don’t need to remember multiple passwords, and there’s no confusion. Besides, they can update the information themselves and it auto-syncs between all the platforms. 

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