[Video] Elevating Client Service and Driving Growth: The Journey of an Asset Management Firm with the Microsoft Platform

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Are you struggling with outdated on-premises solutions that hamper client service by being difficult to update, lacking integration capabilities, and failing to meet your customers' evolving needs?

The key to successful asset management lies in client service -- specifically, in responsiveness to customer requirements.

We recognize the crucial role of providing exceptional customer service and fostering business growth.


In the fast-paced world of financial services, time is of the essence. This client story revolves around a global investment firm managing $25 billion in assets under management (AUM). They approached HSO with a pressing need to replace their decade-old, customized CRM system.

Although the homegrown solution provided extensive customization capabilities, it was burdened by age, on-premises infrastructure, and limited adaptability to evolving requirements.

Adapting to Dynamics 365 Sales and Unlocking its Potential

The primary challenge was migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, harnessing its platform capabilities to provide the client with the functionalities of their previous system and expanded possibilities.

It was essential to convey that replicating the exact features of the legacy system was not the goal; instead, the focus should be on leveraging modern technology to enhance existing capabilities and introduce improvements.

Capturing Value and Extending It

Our task was to ensure that we captured every requirement from the legacy system. Despite their familiarity with the system, the complexity behind certain functionalities surprised even those who had worked with it extensively. We worked closely with the client, surpassing their expectations by enhancing existing features while introducing additional functionalities offered by Dynamics 365 Sales.

By demonstrating the new system's ability to support them in more efficient ways, we convinced the client to let go of unnecessary features and embrace a transformative solution.

Firm-Wide Transformation and Enhanced Opportunities

The implementation of Dynamics 365 had a far-reaching impact on the organization. It replaced the legacy CRM and integrated two other solutions, streamlining maintenance, and providing enhanced visibility across the firm, supporting all lines of business: Institutional, Intermediary, Wealth Management, Marketing, and Operations.

Contact management improved significantly, as the system consolidated portfolio, fund, and contact information in one place. With comprehensive client views readily available, generating reports became faster and more streamlined.

Moreover, the Dynamics 365 solution revolutionized the way the firm's inside sellers engaged with intermediaries. A more structured and directive approach created segmentation and direction, benefiting both the firm and the intermediaries they collaborated with. The insights derived from Dynamics 365 also facilitated the discovery of new opportunities, such as expanding the institutional business in light of a saturated intermediary channel.

The successful transition from a homegrown CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enabled the investment firm to overcome the limitations of its legacy system. By embracing the power and adaptability of Dynamics 365, they experienced firm-wide transformation, improved operational efficiency, and the ability to seize new growth opportunities.

This story exemplifies the value of adopting modern CRM solutions tailored to the specific needs of financial services organizations.

What’s next?

HSO possesses the expertise and flexibility of the Microsoft Power Platform to equip you with the necessary tools, integrations, and security measures to enhance client service and drive business growth.

Our solutions are designed to modernize your asset management processes and deliver a comprehensive contact management solution. By implementing our solutions, you can achieve substantial returns on investment and elevate customer satisfaction.

Don't let outdated technology impede your business progress. Discover how we can assist to modernize operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Join forces with HSO to unlock superior customer service and unlock growth opportunities.

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