5 Ways to Make Better Use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with Kanban Board for Sales!

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Sales professionals are always on the go, trying to close deals, follow up with leads, and maintain client relationships. Hence, it is extremely important for them to stay organised and manage sales tasks efficiently. These tasks are often complex and require attention to detail, this is why, so many sales teams are turning to Kanban Board to improve their processes.

Keeping track of everything can be challenging, leading to missed opportunities and lost sales. With Kanban Board, get a better visualization of tasks, streamline processes, and boost productivity.

In this article, we will discuss five ways to improve your sales tasks with Kanban Board.

Five Ways Kanban Board Can Improve Sales Tasks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM:

#1 Way – Visualize the Sales Process

Kanban Board offers the ability to visualize the sales process. By breaking down the sales process into individual stages and representing them on the Board, sales teams can better understand their workflows and identify areas where they can improve their processes. This increased visibility can also help teams identify potential bottlenecks and adjust to ensure sales tasks are completed smoothly.

Kanban Board

#2 Way – Prioritize Sales Tasks

Another way of using a Kanban Board for sales tasks is the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. By representing tasks on cards and placing them in columns based on their priority level, sales teams can easily identify which tasks need to be completed first and ensure that they focus on the most critical tasks. This can help sales teams stay on track and ensure that they are making progress toward their goals.

Kanban Board

#3 Way – Promote Transparency Between Sales Teams

Kanban Board offers transparency of sales tasks between sales managers and sales reps by providing a shared visual representation of the sales process. Kanban Board can help team managers and representatives stay on the same page and understand each other's work. Managers and administrators can increase visibility by assigning cases, records, and tasks, making it easier for team members to identify potential issues and collaborate to find solutions.

Kanban Board

#4 Way – Track Sales Metrics 

Kanban Board for sales tasks can help sales teams track important sales metrics. By adding metrics such as revenue or conversion rates to the cards on the Board, teams can track their progress toward their goals and identify areas where they need to improve. This increased visibility into sales metrics can help teams make data-driven decisions and adjust their processes to improve results.

Kanban Board

#5 Way – Get Quick View of Aggregated Data

Get a quick view of the aggregated value of potential sales. Three fields of the numerical datatype can be defined in Kanban Board. Those aggregate values will be displayed on the headers of each row and each lane according to their aggregate values. Sales professionals can, at a glance, analyze the monetary value of all their sales and according to schedule your tasks.

Kanban Board

All these features prove that Kanban Board can be a valuable tool for sales professionals in managing their tasks. By providing clear visibility, streamlining processes, improving collaboration, offering customizable features, and increasing accountability, a Kanban Board within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can help sales professionals stay organized and focused on achieving their goals.

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