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Data Visualization tools within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Several businesses limit themselves by using data visualization apps only to create sales reports and digitalize leaderboards, but a lot more can be achieved with the right data visualization apps! You can fasten the sales process, close more deals and transform your sales teams to be more profitable!

In this post, we will take a look at two popular Microsoft-preferred data visualization apps through which sales teams can foster fluidity and ensure necessary actions are taken at the right time.

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Map My Relationship 

Map My Relationships is a visualization tool that can help sales teams visualize significant relationships or connections for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records similar to a mind map view.

With this tool, sales teams can visualize and track the relationships of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records, their related records, and much more at a glance without having to navigate around much.

Here are some specific ways Map My Relationships can benefit sales teams:

  • Define Relations & Connections Better: Color code connections as per their distinct roles, drill down relations to the N-level, aggregate values to estimate revenue, and get a detailed view of all that is dealt with a particular entity– with Map My Relationships you can sort it all! Organize your client relationships and connections associated with them in a way that is well-defined, easily accessible, and adds value to your work.


  • Identify Key Decision-Makers: Map My Relationships can help sales teams identify key decision-makers, offering a 360-degree view of accounts. By mapping out the relationships between different individuals in the organization and having a quick view of the connections within the account – the reps can target the sales efforts efficiently.

Map My Relationships

  • Improve Customer Engagement: Map My Relationships can also help sales teams improve customer engagement. As a sales rep, while on the map view, you can quickly send an email, add tasks, make calls, or even schedule an appointment without navigating to respective records. You may configure these custom activities depending on your preference. Eventually, you will get insights into all the relationships at your fingertips thereby enhancing your customer engagement and shortening the sales cycle.

Map My Relationships

Overall, Map My Relationships can help sales teams improve their sales effectiveness by providing a bird’s eye view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records whether they be customers or prospects so that sales reps can use their valuable time on more complex tasks.

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Kanban Board 

​Kanban Boards is a powerful tool that can help sales teams improve their workflow and productivity. It is a productivity app through which you can visualize Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps) data in a Kanban View.

Sales reps can categorize the data into lanes and rows, quickly review records in a card-based view and check the status of each record. By using a Kanban board, teams can streamline their sales process and increase their chances of success.

Here are some specific ways in which Kanban Boards can benefit sales teams:

  • Visualize Sales Pipeline: Kanban Board, apart from custom and OOB entities, also supports Business Process Flows. This gives a visual representation of the sales pipeline, making it easy for sales teams to see the status of each deal and track its progress. Sales reps can move values from one stage by simply dragging and dropping cards across columns to quickly update to the next step as they move through the sales process, clearly understanding where each deal stands and what actions they need to take next.

Map My Relationships

  • Prioritize Tasks with Better View: With a Kanban View, sales teams can prioritize their tasks and focus on the most important deals first. The app offers features such as row grouping, compact card view, and quick search global sorting among others that allow sales reps to quickly identify deals that require their immediate attention.

Map My Relationships

  • Improve Individual Accountability: Kanban Board can also help sales teams improve individual accountability, which can lead to easing complex sales cycles. By tracking the progress of each deal, sales reps can easily identify roadblocks and take steps to address them.

Finally, by offering a better visualization of data, Kanban Board can significantly improve win rates, identify areas for improvement, and optimize the sales process.

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